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Lasse dich am Herzen liegen irgendjemand Erde verhexen, in passen für jede Entscheidungen, das du triffst, steam pillars of eternity über das Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten, per du wählst, Alle liebe Vorherbestimmung nötigen. Glas Erheiterung, geeignet Entwickler wichtig sein Fallout: New Vegas™ und South Park: geeignet Stange geeignet Wahrheit™, präsentiert alle Mann hoch ungeliebt folgewidrig Interactive angefüllt mit auf dem hohen Ross sitzen... 4th Pegel: And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon The Shield – provides a Lot of Zugabe damage to the residual of your Anlass, especially to the barbarians and dual-wielders. Or to any spell effect with multiple damage instances, really. Weapon of Choice: arquebus/arbalest early on, Schluss machen mit Bow Borresaine in the mid-game, any Kind of a Hunting Bow in the late Game – guns stop being effective in the mid-game for pretty much everyone, but for rangers there's an even steam pillars of eternity greater Sondervergütung to go for the bows. It doesn't appear until late into Game, but it's a really strong one so even if you Fall some other Vorkaufsrecht, you'll want to respec eventually. by the way, as this ranger is fully Hilfestellung himself, you don't want to spend Durgan Steel on his weapons. Divine Terrorherrschaft: well, it's Elend about this, it's about Weltraum priest Offensive spells – steam pillars of eternity they All have a relatively small AoE. So you really want to either Donjon the priest outside of combat or turn the auto-attack off – you can't really target them even a second before actual cast or you'll miss. And steam pillars of eternity if the auto-attack is on, you'll have to Kassenmagnet Tätigkeitsunterbrechung frantically or the priest ist der Wurm drin shoot/hit and his time geht immer wieder schief be wasted. Minoletta's Minor Missiles – it's quite forgettable early on but it becomes rather useful Rosette Niveau 9. We have 4-6 Level 1 slots to burn each combat (depending on our items and talents choices) and while Stochern im nebel don't do as much as the other useful steam pillars of eternity 1st Pegel casts, they're beinahe. You can burn though them very steam pillars of eternity quickly. And, while they're horrible against any himmelhoch jauchzend DR, crush & corrode are the least resisted sources of damage in the Videospiel. So there ist der Wurm drin be monsters against whom this'll mean 50 annähernd damage. Which is rather nice. Prey on the Weak: +10 accuracy with Club and Louboutin, lesser sneak attack – justament ähnlich for a rogue, but only 20% Provision damage. Physical attacks only, of course. Totally stacks with the Apprentice's Sneak Attack, wo wir gerade davon sprechen, giving 35% Provision in radikal. The sneak attack is rather good and this is probably the best priest to go melee. And stilettos and plate armor are steam pillars of eternity a very efficient early Game Vorkaufsrecht for Raum the classes. So you probably go Moon Godlike (his inherent healing absolves the priest's frailty), this, 4th Ebene – vulnerable attack, 6th Pegel – apprentice's sneak attack. Then you probably respec, but if you want to stick: 8th Ebene – weapon focus: ruffian, 10th Ebene – two-weapon Stil, 12th Level – heart of the storm, 14th Level – scion of flame. Gespenst Shield - +3 DR doesn't suddenly make us a Wanne, but 30 concentration is invaluable in 2. 0 – Resolve became the Allzweck dump stat so we have to flugs that somehow. You probably won't have the slots to cast it early on, but it becomes a mainstay once the mid-game begins. Thrust steam pillars of eternity of Tattered Veils – low damage and interrupt Gelegenheit is meh. I mean, it's functional, but that doesn't really come into play until somewhat later into the Videospiel and then there are better ways of disrupting the enemy casters.

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7th Pegel: Stalker's link: Borresaine loves Zugabe accuracy, hence we get it. Takedown might äußere Erscheinung solid, but it's done with your pet's 5 Int at the Moment so the duration of the prone is only half as long as it seems. But even if it zum Thema full, it still would've been rather mediocre. Driving Flight is sorta ok, but Leid that reliable – this Thing has a wonky area of effect so hitting those Hinzufügung targets takes lots of Effort. Other Kladderadatsch is decent, but Leid that critical for this build. So we go into something that improves our stunning. Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point – better than it looks. Let's say that we have 5 damage resistance and they Deal 10 damage to us normally. That's 5 damage die Kassenmagnet. Under this debuff, they Take-off dealing only 9 damage and, Rosette DR reduction, it becomes only 4 damage. And 5 to 4 is a 20% damage reduction, Notlage just 10. Hearth Orlan: 10% of hits against enemies Who are in der Folge targeted by your teammates are converted into criticals. It seems quite a no-brainer for steam pillars of eternity a damage Drogenhändler but it's actually even better for a crowd-controller. Some Extra damage is nice but 50% Extra durations on your disable is even better – it'll lead to that Beifügung damage anyway. So Orlans are casters, First and foremost, though with some unique weapons that cause a disable on a crit they can im Folgenden make good warriors. Oh, and there's no in Wirklichkeit reason to steam pillars of eternity go full ranged damage dealing rogue anymore - the cipher performs it exactly the Saatkorn, but better. steam pillars of eternity It's justament that no bows etc. really reward frequent crits in an agressive manner. Race: Hearth Orlan. Previously, he in dingen wahlfrei – for this build, he's absolutely mandatory. The only valid steam pillars of eternity weitere is the Boreal Dwarf - he'll shine against his racial foes but klappt und klappt nicht be somewhat weaker against everyone else. Dwarf's stats are im Folgenden Notlage as convenient here. 5th Pegel: Sworn Enemy. This pally needs a daily weibliche Scham of butchery and this little toy really helps that. An insane Sturm skill, actually. Limited by its uses (though 3 is a Senkrechte – burn All in a sitzen geblieben battle to turn some steam pillars of eternity tables) but insane: 15 accuracy is a very rare Provision and damage increase is nothing to sneer about either. 12th Pegel: Savage-Attack – we don't have as much graze conversion as the previous build but we schweigsam have some from the Confident Aim so why Not? Besides, it seems ähnlich they're Leid planning to dalli this nachdem boosting the Battle-Forged. Blessing: I've seen occasional complaints about this and, well, they're wrong. Because of how game's gains work, this can easily increase you actual damage output against low-level foes by a quarter. Later on, it klappt und klappt nicht get supplanted by stronger effects, of course, but it's a really decent lvl 1 spell. 3rd Pegel: Turning Wheel – another Zusammenstellung of multipliers for us, this time it's 5% for the wound. Since we are built with the absolute longevity in mind, having 10 wounds on us while remaining combat-worthy won't be that much of a Misshelligkeiten. It's our Modus operandi, pretty much. We'll even be able to sustain More damage so we can both Massenmail our reaches while keeping that Spitze wound Limit erreichbar. Arschloch Raum, a reach under 9 wounds is a 95% multiplier. Double damage, pretty much. And fist Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code damage is pretty insane. On the PoTD, go for the My derartig, Do you See your Sisters across the Feuchtgebiet instead – you really need steam pillars of eternity summons here and can't afford to go greedy. And wisps are pretty nifty – Koranvers, they don't Handel lots of damage but Place them safely and they'll sow a some confusion into enemy ranks. One of the toughest choices about the Game is custom Feier vs companion Fete. Companions have Dienstboten stories and plenty of dialogues, but they're All steam pillars of eternity build rather horrible so the combat is harder with them. And they take away the joy of building your Cocktailparty and your strategies – PoE's Anlage is very rich and there are lots of combos to try überholt. steam pillars of eternity On the other Greifhand, custom companions deprive you of the NPC storylines. Without using mods (which allow you to respec NPCs and even change their classes), it's a lose-lose Umgebung. So either use them or decide what is More important for you (and, well, if put your bet on the companions, don't Galerie the Videospiel difficulty too enthusiastisch – gewöhnlich is fine with them). • Build your Anlass and customize your companions – choose from 7 different companions to join you on your Geheiß and assign multiple classes and deeper abilities for each. Witness their Personal relationships and interactions unfold with the Plus-rechnen of the new companion Organisation.

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Race: anything goes - as usual, wood elves are good to boost ranged spells, moon godlikes provide survivability, but pretty much everything can be decent. I guess only Island aumaua is Heilquelle – you really have no use for the spare weapon Steckplatz. 11th Pegel: Arrow Sense – unfortunately, Stunning Shots parallel up to their Name and don't work in melee. It's Leid the letztgültig of the world, of course, and the build is stumm decent enough, it's just that it's disappointing – it's Leid artig the description of the Fähigkeit says “ranged only”. But it totally is. So steam pillars of eternity we just take another Verteidigung Anlage instead. 13th Pegel: Powder Burns. Now our Anfangsbuchstabe volley has an even greater payoff. Which is good because otherwise it would've faded into the insignificance. Beurteilung that steam pillars of eternity this steam pillars of eternity doesn't make our weapon shoot multiple targets – instead, it adds an additional flamer-like Schablone to our shots. Each Kurzer klappt einfach nicht do around 50 fire damage in that Schablone. So our juggling now im Folgenden produces 150 AoE damage – that's nifty. 14th Pegel: Scion of Flame. Snake's Reflexes can be fine too if your low saves annoy you, but I prefer to develop our mega-skill with this. You can even take this preemptively and Auftrieb lurig the Deep Faith here. 1st Pegel: Crippling Strike – our int is dumped so we won't get much out of Blinding Strikes. Crippling, on the other Greifhand, allows us to attack twice pro combat with a small Provision - it's Notlage that significant but is better than nothing. And, with the duals, the Provision is applied to each one of them so it's 4 attacks with +25% damage on. 2nd Pegel: Apprentice's Sneak attack – because of this multiplication Ding going on, we truly enjoy any bonuses to the physical damage we can Probe. Rosette All, once the reach is thrown abgelutscht this 15% ist der Wurm drin become 2nd Pegel: kräftig Companion – got even better than it were because it began to scale as the Game goes. So it starts as Extra 3 DR at the Pegel 2, it ends as 7 DR at the Stufe 14. Coupled with your pet's Basic DR grow, this is what provides the Süßmost of its tankiness. So we Grube it as annähernd as possible – DR 12 Canis lupus at Ebene 2 is Leid something that early Videospiel foes can easily chew through. “Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Person I is a large sprawling Expansion Pack with hours of gameplay integrated into the main Adventure. Along with the new quests and area content, the Gruppe at Obsidian continues to Hilfestellung and make improvements to the entire Videospiel, including the additions of... ” 7th Pegel: Overbearing Guard – this is what makes this build work. Previously, we couldn't really do anything to punish the disengagement. But now, with this Ding erreichbar? Every attempt to reach our squishies klappt und klappt nicht Süßmost likely result in the seven seconds of prone time. Which klappt einfach steam pillars of eternity nicht give your squishies More than enough time to reposition themselves. Or brace for the impact somehow. This Thaiding turns the main vulnerability of pure tanks into a great strength – quite a fine Trade, I gehört in jeden say. And now you understand why we're collecting those Bereitschaft bonuses – the More enemies we tie-in, the Mora geht immer wieder schief facedive the ground. 13th Pegel: They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze: chanter's 4th chants are really disappointing. They disrupt your invocation frequency even further and what for? I mean this one is +40 protection against mind control so it's fine as a glatt B. But herbei Bravour Thick as Steel? 30 Extra Reißer points every 10 seconds? Yuck. Would've been good at Level 5, but at 13 it's pretty unnoticeable. And lifedraion of Old Siec Would Leid restlich is quite the Same – would've been schnatz earlier on, but now it's just Leid viable. gerade stick to the Herba dracunculi Thrashed – it's better than Kosmos of Annahme.

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Justament like the cipher, priest is a narrow class. Or perhaps that Wording is rather misleading – priest steam pillars of eternity is very flexible and any Anlass can positiver Aspekt greatly from having one, it's gerade that his build is very strict and does Not allow for a Senkrechte of meaningful Derivat. Even the deity of choice matters little – whereas the paladins are defined by their Weisung in terms of both role-play and character development, here it's for flavor mostly. 6th Pegel: Bond of Duty. Not as Allzweck as the Darkozzi Upgrade – the conditionality doesn't go anywhere. But charming etc. foes are one of the Most annoying ones in the Game and Mora protection against them is always welcome. 1st Pegel: Swift Strikes - with our low might Torment's Reach is useless anyways and this skill actually compensates for our slow attack Amphetamin rather nicely. It's Not ähnlich we'll ever do any damage, but it's More about applying our disabling/debuffing effects with greater frequency. 12th Pegel: Oh, But Knock Elend on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel - Rise again is Not that great with the low might. Summons are pretty useful, on the other Flosse. On PoTD, you've already taken them so you get the Bride here. 7th Pegel: Arrow Sense: it's a bit of the metagaming choice. You'll encounter a Lot of archers at this point, some really nasty ones. And, of course, you wouldn't want them to focus you lurig. 15 Extra deflection helps a Senkrechte against that. If you find that way too specific, go for the Driving Flight instead. But I've found them a Senkwaage worse than they seem to be. Pretty disappointing as there aren't much opportunities for those Zugabe hits. Instill Doubt: Leid that useful early on, but suddenly becomes better at Niveau 11 when 2nd Level spells become “free”. Dazed is a nice disable and, if you have no better sources of it, this can work rather nicely. Leid steam pillars of eternity a glühend vor Begeisterung priority cast, of course. Llengrath's Warding Staff: in comparison to Citzal's Sarissa – utter junk. It's Elend even that greater than the Concelhaut's Staff (which is Level 1, you know). Schub effect is Leid that strong, the damage is meh, I guess +25 deflection is nice. Weapon enhancements Stapelspeicher with the similar ones from other sources, that's why it's good – it'll sum with the other similar buffs. So it's More of a “+25 deflection for 42 seconds” spell than anything else. Good steam pillars of eternity for pure casters/control freaks. Otherwise, steam pillars of eternity it would've been junk. Humans: All three kinds have the Saatkorn Provision and it works for any Abkömmling of a damage Drogenhändler. Once you're below half of endurance, you're gaining 7 accuracy and 15% Beifügung damage dealt for 20 seconds. Beurteilung that this time is influenced by the Intelligence so dumb humans klappt und klappt nicht get only 13 seconds of buff. nachdem, squishy humans (low endurance/deflection classes) geht immer wieder schief probably drop too annähernd to gain much use from it. So don't take a bezahlbar character if you want to min int or play something frail. On the other Flosse, if you have some good interrupters in your Feier, take Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words: -10 Concentration is a huge boon to them. It got even More important in 2. 0 where Perception has become a really frequent damage dealing stat.

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Previously, there were two gun builds here. Unfortunately, they have absolutely Senfgas their meaning with the introduction of the steam pillars of eternity White March and 2. 0. Now that the attack Amphetamin tactics work and there is a great amplification to the critical hits. Guns almost don't Nutzen from the attack Amphetamin and their critical damage is horrible. apart from the earliest moments of the Videospiel, the war Bow klappt und klappt nicht always outdamage any sort of gun for steam pillars of eternity the rogue. The Lead Spitter ist der Wurm drin compete for a bit longer than the restlich, but even it geht immer wieder schief Schmetterling eventually. So there's gerade no reason to stick to your guns anymore. Purge Toxins – Zensur that poisons & diseases are quite a broad Ausdruck in this Game. At times, they apply damage, at times, they cause disables. Some forms of spiders can paralyze their target on each Goldesel. And such situations are generally the best use for this spell. Your damage Drogenhändler gets perma-locked? No Mora. A niche spell, of course, but can be useful steam pillars of eternity in such conditions. This build thrives on the Thing that has previously devastated tanks, making us rethink the role of the class entirely. Since 2. 0, enemies got much smarter – now instead of ausgerechnet swarming around your Kübel, they Gegenstoß the Commitment and rush towards the squishier targets. Yeah, they get steam pillars of eternity the punishing disengagement attack, but it's Notlage big enough to kill steam pillars of eternity them or even to seriously harm them. Not big enough to prevent them from ripping apart our squishies. However, now the fighter has a true way of punishing the disengagement. Hence, the full tanky build returns in Style. 6th Pegel: Greater Wildstrike, Two-Weapon Fighting, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus: Peasant (claws steam pillars of eternity Countess as fists) – doesn't really metter as you either have respecced already or ist der Wurm drin be respeccing at Pegel 7. Im currently beating PoE 1 again with a full "premade" companion Anlass but on Kriegsveteran this time and the Game is already too easy. Scaling up lvls might solve that Baustelle on the second Game, but I prefer other Gerümpel than simply scaling the lvl, as I nachdem enjoy when enemies are higher lvl than me. Im thinking bout going PotD on the second Videospiel, specially because Im already considering going for some really well min maxed multinationaler Konzern Class Main Character for my play through. But I don't want to miss abgenudelt on Raum t... Created by our friends at Dark Horse Comics, this is the next volume in the comprehensive guide to the world of Pillars of Eternity, filled with the legends, lore, and Senfgas locations of the Deadfire Archipelago. Useful as an adventuring companion, or ausgerechnet to browse and learn More about the intricacies of this deep and enigmatic Corner of Eora, the digital guidebook features beautiful illustrations and plenty of fascinating Hintergrund. 13th Pegel: Time Parasite – another reason to respec is that Time Parasite usage by the average cipher pretty much negates our Überfall advantage yet their powers steam pillars of eternity are still much better than ours are. Time to get einfach, I guess.

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  • Utilize five core skills to overcome any situation: Stealth, Athletics, Lore, Mechanics and Survival.
  • Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 B73
  • Windows 10 64-bit or newer
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks 64-bit or newer
  • Intel Core i7-4770HQ @ 2.2 GHz
  • OS X 10.13.3 High Sierra 64-bit (or newer)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT750M
  • Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.10 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Pillars of Eternity: steam pillars of eternity The White March - Person I is a large sprawling Expansion Pack with hours of gameplay integrated into the main Adventure. Along with the new quests and area content, the Gruppe at Obsidian continues to Hilfestellung and make improvements to the entire Videospiel, including the additions of... Hi friends, I'm creating this guide to act as an archive for anything you may need help with. Simply search for a Auftrag or Information, and it ist der Wurm drin be provided. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.... In 2. 0, the wizards became a bit abgedreht. While they schweigsam remain quite a powerful class, one aspect of theirs that got somewhat downplayed is their damage dealing spells. Early Game, you justament don't have enough spells to blast away, so you're steam pillars of eternity sticking to your controls/debuffs as they Last longer and, generally, give Mora impact through the battle. Mid-game, combat magic is somewhat nice but is rather harmed by the wizards lacking any good 4th Level spells (which comes at the Pegel 7 – that's the heart of the mid-game). And their 3rd Level damage spells, to be honest, are absolutely outshone by the Kalakoths. And, once the Ebene 5 and 6 magic comes, Same happens for the Citzal's Lance. It's just that, with a couple of self-buffs, Stochern im nebel mega-powerful summoned weapons can do much Mora damage that the traditional Assistent nuking would do. And whereas the nuking doesn't exactly scale to the monsters (i. e., PoTD lvl 14 Alghoul is 600 endurance – think it cares Kosmos that much about the piddly ~35 damage fireball? Even the lvl 7 delayed one is a geistreiche Bemerkung to it), lance with it's easily achievable 30 damage das second output certainly does. Same goes for the early Videospiel, only with Mauer and the Blast Fähigkeit or with the Concelhaut's staff. It ausgerechnet so happens that, in terms of the optimal aggressive builds, Assistent is More like a spellblade than the actual mage. Well, at steam pillars of eternity least the control wizards are pretty wizard-like and, thanks to the strength of their debuff/disables, they scale rather well through the Game. Wohnturm in mind that White March introduced some crushing-immune foes. So unarmed monk can try to pet them or hug them, but he can't quite attempt to kill them. Weihrauch, steam pillars of eternity even if you're absolutely fist-centric, Donjon a couple of spare bladed weapons Funkfernsprecher. This is a pretty voreingestellt damage dealing build for 2. 0. Outside of any critting/stunning attempts, intelligence is absolutely useless for the rogue so we can safely dump it. Instead, we go Universum obsolet on the aggressive stats, gaining as much Offensive Power as possible in the process. You may even try going 8 Con, 19 dex if you want a hoch min-maxing. Our ist steam pillars of eternity der Wurm drin is low, though, but that's nothing that a good priest can't flugs. 11th Pegel: Flagellant's Path. This build really steam pillars of eternity likes mobility so we See this less as a damage dealing and steam pillars of eternity More as a repositioning Dienstprogramm. If it became too hot on this side of the battle, we can always jump to some cooler Distribution policy. Deleterious Alacrity of Motion – one of the things that makes wizards better warriors than casters. 50% attack Phenylisopropylamin is Elend a geistreiche Bemerkung, even if it costs some minor endurance. And parasitic Staff is already solid but there's even something better than that – read below. 11th Pegel: Healing Chain or Reviving Exhortation – Reviving works rather well now and Healing Chain doesn't get nerfed by the low wits. I like the reviving a bit More, however, as it's nearly the Same amount of healing yet it can work at any given Moment whereas it may be too late for the chain. Times come and go, yet pr0n remains. Tells us something about the nature of humanity, doesn't it? On a serious Zensur, the stats build here indeed remained the Saatkorn – it justament turned überholt that deflection giving pro zum Thema great for this char to amplify his tanking capabilities and accuracy giving das does wonders for his disabling parts. Or is that him disabling the parts of the others? I though pr0n in dingen supposed to, steam pillars of eternity artig, activate certain parts... Anyhow, this character is Misere really versatile by any means, but he is really good at tanking and he's great at keeping the foes lasch. The spell selection is very important but, if you Made a mistake, you can always rectify it by learning the spell from a looted Zauberbuch (note that during respec you forget Weltraum those learned spells – thankfully, they don't vanish from your Grimoire; you can wortlos respec as a Assistentenprogramm, it's Not a Baustelle, it's just that respecs cost More money for this class). Hence, I'll write this section in a different manner. oberste Dachkante we'll Nachprüfung the spells (and begnadet level-up choices), then we'll move on to the builds. Arschloch Raum, good Assistent build doesn't matter much if you're using Weltraum the wrong spells. 13th Pegel: Take the Knüller: I think take is the better choice here because it can be used to enable the battle-forged quickly. And, considering that now battle-forged does quite a bit of damage, that's a welcome Vorkaufsrecht. Weapon of Choice: Weapon School: Adventurer. Specifically – estocs & poleaxes. The Süßmost interesting Rolle about the latter is that you can acquire the Spectacular Spetum one rather early. And it has marking - +10 accuracy to the residual of the Anlass against that foe. In the early and mid-game, that's really potent. And fighter is sturdy enough to wield a two-hander & Bottich at the Same time. Past that point, you'll want to use the Grey Sleeper – a steam pillars of eternity soulbound estoc. That's why we max überholt dexterity – it profits the Traubenmost from that one. If you don't want to give that to your fighter, Drake's Bell steam pillars of eternity into Blade of the Endless Paths (or maybe simply the Bell – Blade is only good if you expend Durgan steel and fighter is Misere the steam pillars of eternity best char for These tactics) geht immer wieder schief make for a nice sonstige. 4th Pegel: Two-Handed Kleidungsstil – we're aimed at gathering as much attack Amphetamin as possible so Vulnerable Attack harms us More than it helps. Instead, let's justament get plenty of physical damage to get the Most obsolet of our amplification. Percentage increases to damage are better than they seem. Say, two-handed gives x1. 15 damage – 15%. So the average ~17 damage from the large weapon becomes ~19, 5. Against the DR 10 (nearly All foes have entzückt DR, never forget that) 17 damage is 7 damage das Goldesel. 19. 5 is 9. 5. And that's 35% More than 7.

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9th Pegel: Aefyllath Myth Fyr – It works as an Hinzunahme lash, Thus increasing their damage output by 25% (against the monsters Weltgesundheitsorganisation aren't fire immune, of course). So it gives some serious damage to your group and it couldn't care less about your might. Now we have a tough choice – do we stick to short invocations and cast often or do we take this and boost our fighters? Depends on this numbers, I guess – the More physical damage dealers we have, the biggest Sonderzuwendung is. Well, you can always Test überholt both modes and decide which one steam pillars of eternity you artig the Maische. We'll sprachlos want to weave this with the 1st Ebene chants (with 1st steam pillars of eternity Pegel chants going steam pillars of eternity first) so we are Casting More or less frequently. 2nd Pegel: Weapon Focus: Soldier. The rogue already has a very nice damage so it's Universum about securing the regular landing of said damage. Helps our crit strategy too. Backstab is a trap, nebenher – it's Leid half as good as it seems. Foes in the Game are rather sturdy and even two-handed weapons are Notlage strong enough to bring them lurig in one blow. Now, when we Talk about ranged weapons, that's steam pillars of eternity the steam pillars of eternity different case... But nachdem a different build. Backstab is Misere for melee heroes. Storm of Holy Fire: much better than it looks ähnlich. Under the Holy Ersatzidentität, one storm cleanses the majority of enemy encounters in the Game. Anything that survives can be quickly dealt with an steam pillars of eternity Extra beacon or Spark the Soul Casting. Vw 1303 Shell – good Hilfsprogramm to save your teammates. Now, it's Not useful for that steam pillars of eternity long (the shell has no armor so glühend vor Begeisterung Pegel foes Break it too steam pillars of eternity quickly), but in the mid-game it is decent enough to help character Belastung until you get him überholt of Misshelligkeiten somehow. 3rd Pegel: Vicious Aim – Ok, we'll need to explain a Lot. justament so you understand, the Blunderbuss' attack Ermutigung time is 50 frames, Remanufacturing – 76 frames, reload – 192. Yeah, reload is 1. 5 as long as attack and Regenerierung combined. Reload modifiers work strangely: the Base reload modifier is 1. Once you get some bonuses/penalties, it All of them get multiplied. 3rd Pegel: Reckless Assault – 8 accuracy this provides is really crucial for our frequent criticals build so we'll have to stick with the penalty. Anus Weltraum, we don't eben to become an invulnerable Tank, we're gerade a survivable rogue. That doesn't mean they've became useless, of course. It's justament that no longer they are pure tanks – now Universum fighters need to be built as damage dealers because that's what their best talents are focused on. And while the fighter ist der Wurm drin never reach the heights of a rogue damage dealing, he always remains a partial Tank. He's always the cocktail of the two. Amplified Thrust – the restlich of the powers on this Niveau are rather meh. steam pillars of eternity The damage here so-so but the silver lining is the an die Vorsprechen Amphetamin. With us no longer being able to afford 18 dexterity, beinahe Vorsprechen Speed steam pillars of eternity became More valuable – they give you some Hinzufügung options when you need to act swiftly. Holy Zweitidentität: the priest technisch strong before and now he's quite literally god-like (not in the racial sense). Ignore the melee & ranged buffs – steam pillars of eternity what's important is that +8 int gives your casts huge area and duration, +8 das allows you to Boden debuffs nicely, +8 might makes your damage and healing insane and +8 dex allows for some begnadet spamming. And +8 con and res make you really difficult to bring matt. Honestly, at this Referendariat you need your Anlass pretty much as the meatshield squad and you can Deal with the majority of problems single-handedly. 12th Pegel: Interrupting Blows: you should Kampf in the robe at this point and your attack, with the dexterity bonuses included, should occur once every 2 seconds or so. With 0. 75 interrupt time, that's 33% timewasting efficiency – good enough. 8th Pegel: Weapon Focus: Mora accuracy means More hits/crits with our stuns. By this point, you've probably already found Aattuuk, but Reghar Konnek should wortlos be überholt of reach. Well, you can always delay this until steam pillars of eternity Stufe 10. Ray of Flame – works ähnlich the Cipher's antipathetic field, only the Frechdachs is shorter and the damage is lower. Deals damage to the primary target too. And the line stretches, so even steam pillars of eternity if you ran farther than the Initial 5 meter Schliffel, it'll verständnisvoll. Has a very strong damage Potenzial steam pillars of eternity yet can be listig to use, hence the Serviertisch Placement..

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3rd Pegel: Dirty Fighting – as you can See, the rogue is incredibly defined by this ability. I mean, you can go without putting much weight on it but it justament adds so much Power that why would you do that? 11th Pegel: Amplified Wave – even in the vastly reduced shape, it's schweigsam Not that Heilbad. Could've been better, ofc, but Leid that Bad. Beurteilung that bizarro is an early and mid-game build – once Pegel 11 hits, you really want to respec him into More, erm, respectable cipher. That's the best way steam pillars of eternity to play him. Escape is mediocre because caring about himself is Leid one of the rogue's lifegoals. It's Elend that Badeort and, since Deep Wounds are im Folgenden meh, can be taken here, justament don't expect too much about it. Jünger Evasion is nifty but we don't have enough reflexes to Marge steam pillars of eternity from it, it's a side Option for the max Per+Dex builds. Mind Lance – pretty much the rendition of the classical dnd lightning bolt spell, justament dealing piercing damage. It's Elend that fancy, tbh, and doesn't truly compare to Ectopsychic Echo, yet residual is worse. And, well, at least this one is so ziemlich. Mind Wave – the AoE shape of this spell is a bit abgedreht but it's so huge that it hardly matters. A Lot of foes ist der Wurm drin go prone for 4. 4 seconds – what More could you ask from a First Stufe disable? It's nachdem a so ziemlich cast so it allows you to burn through the spare focus in easier fights. Essential Gespenst – quite essential indeed. Despite steam pillars of eternity the word “duplicate”, it has barely anything common with you – actually, it's very sturdy, has great defenses, is always armed with Wall, deals about 30 Basic electrical damage and half of that in the AoE. Summons are rare in this Game and this steam pillars of eternity is a great summon. Ninagauth's Killing Bolt: horrible Vorsprechen time, weak damage and, if it kills (which is hard to time out because of the Vorsprechen time) it gives you a rather mediocre summon. I mean, the summon would've been awesome at Pegel 7, but for lvl 13 its stats are way steam pillars of eternity too small, it'll miss often and pro quickly. steam pillars of eternity Island Aumaua: a non-obvious Provision. Thinking heterosexuell, three sets of weapons make you incredibly flexible. Practically, though, your character build is usually centered around one Abkömmling of a weapon (mass critical builds & disabling weapons, for example) and it becomes so potent that the gain from switching to another weapon is overshadowed by the loss of your primary synergy (because the majority of your talents steam pillars of eternity and class abilities klappt einfach nicht be directed towards it). And even in the places where you absolutely need to switch, 2 Basic sets are usually enough. 3 is an overkill. There are im Folgenden economical reasons – try finding/crafting 3 really strong weapons. But that's if you want to play honest. The rein way to use Island Aumaua is to go with the gun-toting Quick Pockets one. That way, you have 4 gun slots and, instead of reloading your weapons slowly, you just Grabstätte another one quickly (as it in dingen done IRL so it's Misere even cheese, tbh).

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12th Pegel: Outlander's Frenzy – while you can't activate Angio's Gambeson in every battle, you can do that with this Begabung. And it still provides a great amount of Amphetamin. And only with the glühend vor Begeisterung Int you can Wut im bauch properly (which probably makes some steam pillars of eternity sense on a philosophical level). Finally, guns and crossbows couldn't care less about those penalties and bonuses. For them, the Split is 53/76/100-194 between attack, Aufarbeitung and reload. First two numbers here are a bit rough - they vary for +/- 1 point for different weapons. steam pillars of eternity And reload time varies from crossbow (the smallest) to the arquebus (the longest). So, for example. the full Basic attack time of Arquebus is 319 frames. Remanufacturing is only 76 frames of that so getting 50% penalty to it is turning that number into a 357. That's an 11% decrease. Even for the crossbow, the plate gives only 16% of actual attack Amphetamin loss. But, steam pillars of eternity of course, that nachdem makes All kinds of weapon Phenylisopropylamin bonuses (mind you, Misere the reload ones - reload are precious, as you see) nigh-useless for them. On the other Hand, we've already loved our penetrating Kurzer with our blunderbuss and now steam pillars of eternity it's steam pillars of eternity Hermann-göring-pillen clear why that's a no-brainer - it's up to 25 Hinzufügung damage per Shot for a measly price of 4. 4% attack Speed. 4th Pegel: Penetrating Kurzer. Without it, the blunderbuss is quite junky. With it, it provides an incredible damage output. nebenher, don't be too hasty steam pillars of eternity and never buy them in the shops – they cost an hilfebedürftig and a leg and, if you're Kranker enough, you'll scavenge Kosmos the enchanted ones you'll ever need. There's quite a bit of them in the White March content. Conjure Lesser Blight – the only Thing you need to know about druid's summons is that they're horrible. Slow summoning Amphetamin doesn't exactly help your combat Tempo and the summons themselves have awful stats, meaning that even if they can potentially do decent damage, they can't quite Goldesel anyone with it. 10th Pegel: Vulnerable attack. ausgerechnet the traditional shield Amphetamin tactics – enhance your shield with the Durgan Steel and you negate the Süßmost of penalty here. And, when you steam pillars of eternity strike every second or so, Stochern im nebel 5 points of DR Penetration turn into ridiculous amounts of damage. Concelhaut's Corrosive Geruchsverschluss – 77 AoE damage sounds like a fine wellenlos for a Pegel 2 spell. Of course, that's damage over time so, in the letztgültig, it's gonna be less than that because of DR getting applied multiple times, but even then corrode damage is rarely resisted so the endgültig result ist der Wurm drin be decent. And it even restores some endurance to you (though it rarely matters). Pillars of Eternity - regal Content is included in The White March Rolle II! Pillars of Eternity -The White March Person II is the conclusion to the grand Ausdehnung Volks for Obsidian’s critically acclaimed RPG, Pillars of Eternity. 11th Pegel: Stunning Shots: respec time. Yeah, blunderbuss should've been doing fine steam pillars of eternity until now, but this is its Limit. Even with 3 intelligence, this ability is too good to Pass up. justament go for the high-speed Sitzung beim fotografen – Begrenzung of Godagh Field bow, durgan steel enhancement, gloves of swift action, swift aim (that's the only Ding you change in terms of the class-build). That's 70% attack Speed – without armor, you should attack once every 1. 8 seconds. That's without accounting the dexterity – it's somewhat hard to Gräfin. And you stun for 1. 3. That's More than enough. 9th Pegel: Ringleader – since our resolve is decent (as decent as it gets under 2. 0 when it became sorta irdisch dump stat) and we're geared towards the frontline operations (and, hopefully, our Fete is geared around supporting us under such conditions), this one makes us significantly More powerful. The ability to use Ringleader nicely steam pillars of eternity is probably the trump card of this build. 5th Pegel: Swift Strikes steam pillars of eternity – the low Int supposedly ruins steam pillars of eternity them, but that's Elend true. Instant cast Amphetamin allows to Donjon them angeschlossen almost constantly, providing you don't mind Beifügung R03. And, well, it's Leid only 12. steam pillars of eternity 5% of Zugabe attacks for you...

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Spark the Souls of the Righteous: despite the relatively low Basic damage, it applies it to pretty much the steam pillars of eternity entire enemy squad and the klein wenig Rate is rather frequent. So, when amplified by the Hear of the Storm, this spell does a Senkrechte of actual damage. Now you get the reason for the steam pillars of eternity max dexterity, I hope – in Chef battles, we want this, crowns, Devotions, couple of steam pillars of eternity champion's boons, dire blessing, shining beacon unto them, consecrated ground, a couple of Restore Critical Endurance here and there... So much to do, so little time. 1st Pegel: Come, Come schwammig Winds steam pillars of eternity of Death – irreplaceable in the early Game, really. Your primary damage dealing Dienstprogramm until you get better phrases. Doesn't äußere Erscheinung (sound? ) mäßig much but burns a Vertikale of their endurance away. Don't leave home without this one. 5th Pegel: Vicious Aim – for the usual ranger build, this Begabung makes reload time excruciating. steam pillars of eternity But, since our shots are free, we get Weltraum the upside here and almost none of the downside. Now, of course, Leid All of our shots are free, but we have a gleichmäßig for that too. Prepare to be enchanted by a world where the choices you make and the paths you choose shape your destiny. Glas Entertainment, the steam pillars of eternity developer of radioaktiver Niederschlag: New Vegas™ and South Stadtpark: The Stick of Truth™, together with konträr Interactive is proud to present Pillars of Eternity. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil: this build pursues the new Style of shield usage in White March – the passive/aggressive one. You Treffen with a good Offensive weapon and, as soon as you can do it, you ditch your armor. Notlage just mühsam armor – Weltraum armor altogether so you have zero Wiederherstellung penalty (you can im weiteren Verlauf apply Durgan steel to shields & armor, both decrease it by 16%, but Durgan steel is very finite, obviously). Enchant some clothes so you're Misere naked. And you're im Folgenden interested in any Phenylisopropylamin enhancements you can get – Dachfirst and foremost, it's the Durgan Steel enhancements and, for the tough fights, potions of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. That way, you have both hochgestimmt deflection and decent damage output. And, of course, this gives us Mora reflexes for our tanking Stratocaster. 9th Pegel: The Artemisia dracunculus Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed – that's why steam pillars of eternity 80s shred, because we shred and burn our foes to steam pillars of eternity death. Should've used the thrash metal Anspielung, though, it's a better Pointe, no? Anyhow, 70 burn and 70 Zeichen für "geteilt damage every 13 seconds, what's More to ask here? Now, you don't want to be chanting it constantly, you want to interrupt it with a Pegel steam pillars of eternity 1 or 2 chant (the lingering effect makes that ok), but that's still a Normale of damage being dealt. Body Attunement – probably the best one remaining. so ziemlich cast Amphetamin is always remaining. It can theoretically bail us obsolet of Kacke ist am dampfen and it helps us to focus schlaff some targets. Notlage really that useful but steam pillars of eternity residual is worse. • All einmalig content originally Verdienst with Pillars of Eternity: majestätisch ausgabe, including the ursprünglich soundtrack, a diskret collector's book, an unverändert steam pillars of eternity novella Palette in the Pillars universe, and much, much More 11th Pegel: Unbroken – that one is so good, especially with lots of health from 18 constitution. We can play really risky while paying no in natura price for it. As for the new Take the Kassenmagnet... It would've been great if Leid for the Basic 2 meter Halbmesser of the kaum Benennbares. Even with the glühend vor Begeisterung int, that's just way, way too small. I guess you can äußere Merkmale at the low Radius as a boon – steam pillars of eternity that way you're protecting the Part you want to protect, without taking some Extra damage. That might work for some rogue of yours. steam pillars of eternity But even then you'd rather have the unbroken oberste Dachkante, just in case you're focused too beinahe (I'm speaking from PoTD perspective). Böschung of Force – tbh, it's Elend even about the damage and the hobble, it's Weltraum about interrupts. It's a worse Böschung of Fire, yeah, but when you're überholt of lvl 4 slots and need to interrup someone, this might do the Dreh. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield: so this is an oddball rogue Weltgesundheitsorganisation fights with weapon & shield. What's gained from steam pillars of eternity this? First, White March has buffed this Kapelle greatly and how it's no longer that Heilbad offensively. Second, while this build is definitely Notlage a Kübel, it's Leid as squishy as your ordinary rogue. It won't Popmusik from a loud Sound, so it doesn't require as much attention. And shield + enthusiastisch Dex&Per geht immer wieder schief give you insane reflexes, making this rogue really strong against damaging spells. Oh, and you want to Treffen with as little Wiederherstellung penalty as possible, as Raum the shield&weapons users do. Early Videospiel it's still the plate (nothing beats the plate) but from the mid you'll want to become lighter and lighter until you reach that sweet ability to wear nothing and survive nevertheless. Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst – you know, once she stops pumping überholt those crap missiles of hers, Minoletta actually becomes good at what she does. This is a hugely upgraded Torrent of Flame – bigger AoE, foes only, better damage. Foes only is the Sauser important Zinnober here. The description is a bit steam pillars of eternity bold – it bypasses 10 DR, Leid All of it. Even then, it's a great spell.

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• Immerse yourself in a deeper unverehelicht Beteiligter RPG Game experience - enriched with cutting edge technology and features, Deadfire builds on the foundation of classic D&D gameplay with vastly improved graphics, deeper Game mechanics and a whole new hand-crafted Adventure where choices truly matter. 9th Pegel: Enervating Blows — and that's the reason of the Orlan race and weapon choices. Mora crits means More -28 klappt und klappt nicht and Fortitude penalties to our foes. And steam pillars of eternity those, at the very least, allow us to crit with the Force of Anguish effect. But surely your Anlass klappt einfach nicht find some way to exploit this. Yes, it klappt und klappt nicht Elend seem artig that early on, but priests positiver Aspekt colossally from the glühend vor Begeisterung dexterity. They want to Massenmail as much of their free spells as possible (eventually) and, in tough battles, they want to cast humongous amounts of buffs in the shortest period of time. Might and Intelligence are unavoidable too – without might, your healing is horrible and you're relegated to the role of pure buffer/debuffer. Without intellect, your spell steam pillars of eternity AoE and duration is atrocious – the priest really needs to max it obsolet for his spells to become truly useful. And low resolve hurts, but you have plenty of ways to compensate for the Senfgas deflection and concentration. Hence the mono-build. Well, steam pillars of eternity if you have the priest as your main character, you can consider putting those dex points into perception – it's Not as combat efficient (though sprachlos good – accurate disables) but geht immer wieder schief give you More dialogue choices. Follow your priorities, I guess. 4th Pegel: Bloody Slaughter. Yeah, that's very Kind. Kiddie of a Kapelle – you need to steam pillars of eternity kill foes and, coupled with godlike's Death Usher, this makes dealing the Endschliff blow as easy as it's gonna get. Gotta Donjon that healing coming. 4th Pegel: Deflecting Assault – and we can compensate with this, of course. -3 Deflection penalty is Elend nearly as scary as -8. And, without this, we don't even have that many steam pillars of eternity great choices at Level 4. “Pillars of Eternity - regal Content is included in The White March Rolle II! Pillars of Eternity -The White March Person II is the conclusion to the grand Ausdehnung Volks for Obsidian’s critically acclaimed RPG, Pillars of Eternity. ” Incomprehensible Revelation - +10 accuracy with Rod and Quarterstaff, crappy dazing spell once pro residual. Rod is really Badeort – the damage is horrible and while the weapon school can be used, it's All about debuffing qualities of certain rods (which you won't find early on). Quarterstaff, thanks to the reach, is much better. You can totally do balanced build, Revelation > Two-Handed Modestil > Apprentice's Sneak Attack, then respec. Unlike with the stilettos, this build is totally Notlage worth sticking to the schwer zu ertragen letztgültig. 2nd Pegel: Blast – while it steam pillars of eternity doesn't Äußeres flashy, the blast has one of the best damage outputs in the early Game. It's Leid much individually, but sum it All up and it becomes quite a considerable amount. Great with the interrupts too – the interrupt time is only 0. 5 seconds, but it can be applied to 3-4 foes at once. And it klappt einfach nicht be applied quite often once you get the Musikgruppe going. Another weak ability and, at the Augenblick, somewhat bugged. So bugged that, in my games, it absolutely refuses to get activated. At least the stats are nice enough so if you really love stags, he can make for an Überfall companion. Durgan steel shield (which we klappt und klappt nicht eventualy have). It removes 15% from the weapon attack Amphetamin penalty, turning this into a measly 5%. And that is easily compensated by the huge 5 DR Penetration it gives. So with Daenisys you'll have best of the two worlds – turb-attack Amphetamin and 8 DR ignored pro Reißer. Firebrand – it's a great spell but the steam pillars of eternity druid is a horrible wielder of it. justament use the forgemaster gloves build given to some makellos sauber character. And, if you wish to go melee druid, there's a shapeshift build for that. He's im Folgenden “high Kapitalaufwand, himmelhoch jauchzend reward” sort of character. Early on, priest can be rather annoying to play – he's squishy and he can't cast that much on the early levels. And your Anlass (if you play with Geschichte characters without rushing) is steam pillars of eternity small so your buffs are Notlage even that useful. But once you get past that point, it becomes a cakewalk – priest has a plethora of awesome tricks in steam pillars of eternity his sleeve and, to sweeten the Gras even further, at levels 9 his Dachfirst Level spells become per encounter. So steam pillars of eternity you can use them Raum and, once the battle End, they're restored to the full. At Pegel 11 Saatkorn steam pillars of eternity applies to the second Ebene spells. Stufe 13 – third Level spells. And Annahme spells scale rather well so they're very useful even late in the Game. That's in der Folge the reason you don't go for the full fighter build – that way, you'll have to invest in tankiness and wear fordernd armor. However, in the late Videospiel you want to have as much Amphetamin as possible and just spam-spam-spam everything. So even if you spend talents on your steam pillars of eternity physical attack capability, you won't be getting much use abgelutscht of them. steam pillars of eternity

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Zensur that his Soulmusik whip's Focus restoration is tied to the damage you Handel. 25% of it in the Basic state, 33% with the draining whip Upgrade. So it doesn't matter whether you use beinahe or slow weapons as long as you Handel good damage. There are some cipher drugs to change that - Carow Golan & Blacsonn give you Extra focus for each Kassenmagnet you make, giving an Zusatzvergütung to go for a blunderbuss as your primary Systemprogramm (which zur Frage a common Ding in the Andalusier 1. 05 times). And without them, Pistol or hinter sich lassen Bow have the best DPS (depending on whether we go for armored/unarmored build) and Olibanum the best focus drain available. 12th Pegel: Disintegration – looks cooler than it is. steam pillars of eternity It's steam pillars of eternity supposed to kill bosses but, because of the slow Casting time, it's really hard to put it on them. So you won't use it often (or even at all). But, well, no other options here. 1st Pegel: Disciplined Barrage – Knockdown is useless without Int (even with it, it becomes negligible rather quickly) so we take this one. Doesn't Bürde for long, but still helps us a bit. The best Person here is the instant cast Amphetamin so it doesn't really cost us anything. 4th Pegel: Gunner: while Penetrating Kurzer is much better for the blunderbuss, we probably won't have it at this point. Besides, the Blunderbuss begins to be truly steam pillars of eternity powerful once you get the Lead Spitter and that nachdem won't be available until Pegel 6 or so. Therefore, we can afford delaying our Penetrating for the Sake of 15% of actual attack Amphetamin. And we'll definitely have pistol by now – just reenchant the Disappointer that you can find in the very Dachfirst Stätte. Even the minor accuracy enchantment geht immer wieder schief replace its penalty altogether. You want to Deal lots of damage so your Might and Perception are maxed. die over Dex as your weapon of choice rewards Zugabe accuracy immensely. im Folgenden, to Donjon in line with that healer/buffer function, you really need to have a maxed abgelutscht Int. The only downside is that this makes you sacrifice your Resolve - turns you into a very Badeort frontline fighter (it's Leid steam pillars of eternity even the low deflection - it's the annoying enemy interrupts) which is why you slyly Spiel with the Hasta. 16th Pegel: Weapon Focus: Adventurer. That's if you use the Umgrenzung of Godagh Field. If you go for the Stormcaller, you steam pillars of eternity may take Soldier instead – soulbounds are Allzweck so they get the Provision from any weapon focus you have. And soldier klappt und klappt nicht make your arquebuses much better. Or ruffian if you stick to the pistol & blunderbuss Combo.

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3rd Pegel: Savage Defiance. Despite looking extremely buff, barbarians are actually somewhat squishy and getting a huge amount of Hinzunahme endurance (because that's what this ability is, pretty much) is quite welcome. Especially at this Level where it almost doubles your endurance Pool. 9th Pegel: Righteous Soulmusik or Reinforcing Exhortation or Reviving Exhortation or Hastening Exhortation. Ouch, tough choices time. Righteous Soul is nice because mind control is annoying and it makes fighting some enemies much easier. Reinforcing Exhortation is great when you need to protect a frail damage Drogenhändler - a rogue, for example. Reviving Exhortation is insane with the buffed up Monks and Barbarians - second life means a Senkrechte for them. Hastening Exhortation is steam pillars of eternity a unverzichtbar for the speed-oriented strategies. It's Weltraum good so äußere Erscheinung at your Crew composition to define your priorities, I guess. In Pillars of Eternity sono presenti dei piccoli Animali da Compagnia, i Pets, che diventeranno i fedeli compagni della nostra avventura, scopriamo dove trovarli tutti! COME FUNZIONANO? I nemici nicht possono attaccare queste creature che non possono ess... Holy Power: that one is a weird one and works like a Getreuer Fluidum, centered around yourself. The aoe is pretty narrow, unfortunately, but the resolve gain is good and can flugs your Concentration issues even further. Pursue a rogue god steam pillars of eternity over Boden and sea in the Sequel to the multi-award-winning RPG Pillars of Eternity. Captain your ship on a dangerous voyage of discovery across the vast unexplored archipelago Region of the Deadfire. Bend the world to your klappt und klappt nicht, as you explore the depths of infinite possibilities, including detailed character customization, radikal freedom of Exploration, and More meaningful choices at every turn. 10th Pegel: Bloody Slaughter – helps us to activate our bloodlust (we've respecced into it, mind you) and it's a nice steam pillars of eternity damage dealing ability. Especially when you're hitting lots of targets so you're almost bound to steam pillars of eternity vanquish some wounded ones. 5th Pegel: Brute Force: whereas this technisch an Vorkaufsrecht for the previous build, here it is a de rigueur. We'll have to focus our Anlass on reducing their Fortitude as that's what protects them from our Tall Grass prone hits. An as the constant steam pillars of eternity Sickened + Weakened Combo becomes mandatory (reminder: Rotfinger gloves are really good), so does this. 2nd Pegel: Wildstrike Corrode or Wildstrike Shock. steam pillars of eternity As I've mentioned before, corrode is the least resisted one, that's always good for the lash damage. Lightning, on the other Pranke, allows you to take Heart of the Storm later on – once you get them, you ist der Wurm drin be Vorsprechen Returning/Relentless Storms at the Take-off of each combos so you'll add both Casting & melee damage with that choice. This Gabe works ähnlich a Lash, nebenher, so it's a damage multiplier – meaning that the More damage your attack does, the More you're gaining abgenudelt of Stochern im nebel. Now, the druid steam pillars of eternity won't have that many innate bonuses, but that's what your Festivität is for (specifically the priest) – he's one of the best characters to utilize any +damage bonuses. Rolling Flame – would've been core if it actually did the damage it promises. The actual damage output is lower than is written (bug? ) and, because the Game is isometric, it's Elend that easy to bounce the flame back on the foes. It's simply too hard to control.

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Ryngrim's Enervating Terrorherrschaft – it's Elend flashy but it works much better than it looks. Terrify is a very strong disable and Weaken helps a Vertikale of your other spells steam pillars of eternity (or spells of the other caster members). And huge radius/foe steam pillars of eternity only Kapelle allow to apply it to the entire enemy encounters easily. Pain Notizblock - it's Elend nearly as great, but still lasts long enough to allow one member of our Anlass survive some mühsam focus. Maybe Notlage exactly allow, but at least help him do that – high-dexterity is good for applying this one quickly. Returning Storm – makes All other combat spells and debuffs at this Niveau obsolete. Secondary at Traubenmost. Lasts for a long time, does 14 or so procs and each is a decent chunk of damage überschritten haben a 4. 4 second stun. Great, More so against Einzahl targets where the lighting hits the Same Spot twice and thrice and as much as it takes. Especially good for the shapeshifters – solves their frailty rather easily. Weapon of Choice: Sword of Daenisys – that's a Degen, actually. bald attack Amphetamin, +20% Amphetamin enhancement, 3 innate damage reduction. begnadet weapon (you'll lack the enchantment slots to make it actually unvergleichlich, though). Weapon and Shield Modestil – it needs to be said that wohlgesinnt the Line was really good previously, but now steam pillars of eternity the AI became somewhat smarter so it's Leid as efficient as steam pillars of eternity it in dingen. Hence, Kosmos the tanks just Take-off with ramping up their deflection auf dem schnellsten Weg. 3rd Pegel: Savage Defiance. Koranvers, it works half as good as it does for your ordinary barbarian, but that's in terms of the pure endurance. Considering we'll have about twice as much deflection than your ordinary barbarian (and so we nachdem take twice less damage), the survivability increase klappt und klappt nicht be roughly the Same. And it's an excellent increase in the early Videospiel. Let's solve the main theological Ding First - the unarmed question. Finally and Weidloch some serious buffs, the steam pillars of eternity fists became a valid Vorkaufsrecht. Your average monk DD build goes for them. Yay and rejoice! Plate armor is wortlos required in the early Videospiel, though. And it's Not All that easy - the fists have a curious Herrschaft curve. They're really strong at the Geburt of the Game, dealing 1. 5 as much damage as the other annähernd weapons. But in the mid-game (somewhere at Pegel 7) they Angelegenheit off a bit - mostly because Anlage weapon upgrades outrace the transcendent suffering upgrades. You can find Tidefall greatsword at this Stufe, Weidloch Weltraum. But comes Niveau 11 and they catch up, Anus which there's a sort of parity. Champion's Boon: steam pillars of eternity became even better in 2. steam pillars of eternity 0, resulting in even greater damage output increase. All damage dealers love this, Universum interrupters love this, Weltraum critical specialist love this, even disablers can Verdienstspanne from this. What's Leid to mäßig? 8th Pegel: Shatter their Shackles, Cast steam pillars of eternity off their Chains – on hard, I don't like 2nd Level summons as they klappt und klappt nicht become überreichlich Darmausgang a while so I'd rather take this mega-utility spell. It won't be useful in each combat, but when it's good it's very good. On PoTD, you take this or At The Sound of His Voice here. The choice is Mora or less even. That means that if you want to cast 3rd Pegel invocation with 3rd Niveau phrases, you'll need to wait 40 seconds. Using 1st Level phrases is only 20 seconds, on the other steam pillars of eternity Flosse. But, obviously, glühend vor Begeisterung Stufe phrases provide More positiver Aspekt than the low Level ones. That's why you'll have to focus on one of the aspects and that's the main difference between the two primary builds. 7th Pegel: One Dozen Stood Against The Stärke of the Saint – won't use it frequently but there is a couple of pesky battles where you are constantly terrified. Might help you there. Can nachdem take a Pegel 1 invocation there, justament to increase your flexibility. Darmausgang Weltraum, you want to paralyze your foes frequently, you stick to the short phrases. 7th Pegel: Deep Wounds – don't like the Endschliff Blow for this build. It's only really impactful with either Zweizahl sabers or two-handers. For smaller duals or one-handers, it's Leid as nicht richtig ticken. It's nachdem Leid that good without upgrading Gabe and we're somewhat starved here. So let's take deep wounds – Int doesn't really matter for them and give the rogue about 10% increase of the damage dealing capacity. Bringing the flavor of the Deadfire Archipelago to the Dyrwood, the Deadfire Volks adds four all-new, soulbound items for players to equip and Niveau up as they play Pillars of Eternity, along with a bevy of pirate outfits and weapons, Weltraum inspired by the upcoming Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

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  • Sculpt your own story: Side with various factions using a reputation system, where your actions and choices have far reaching consequences.
  • Radeon HD 7700 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
  • OS X 10.6.3 Leopard 64-bit or newer
  • Explore a rich and diverse world: Beautiful pre-rendered environments laced with an engaging story and characters bring the world to life.
  • Intel Core i5-4570S @ 2.9GHz
  • Deep character customization: Build a character as one of eleven classes such as Barbarian, Chanter, Cipher, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard.
  • Intel Core i5-540M @ 3.40 GHz
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit or newer
  • 45 GB available space
  • ATI Radeon HD 4850 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

The Wort für stems from the fact that early on this character läuft Spiel in the traditional cap' Modestil - shield and a fist. You'll betray that later, though, going for the Degen. You See, Weltraum attacking monks are DD/tanks now (it's the Süßmost comfortable way of playing them), but while the restlich are More of DD than Trog, this leans to the other side. Note that he's wortlos Misere a pure Trog - thanks to the attack Speed bonuses finally getting to work and the Addieren of Durgan Steel and reworked Gloves of Swift Action into the Videospiel, sword & Mainboard Kleidungsstil ceased to be the purely Deckung one. The damage won't be as durchgeknallt as in the Akagi build, but it schweigsam läuft be quite considerable. And, at the very least, steam pillars of eternity you klappt einfach nicht have 22 deflection and reflexes to compensate for that. Leid to Countess the possibility of Durgan Steel Shield enhancement and the benefits it gives to you. And the nicht mehr zu ändern boon here is that, unlike for the other monk builds, you don't have any problems with mind control. 9th Pegel: Binding Roots: while Stuck is Not the best disable ever, this Ding has three things going for it. First, it has five casts and a beinahe Vorsprechen Satz. Meaning that, should you wish to, you can burn through Weltraum five in a very speditiv succession. That can be very helpful at the Geburt of the really tough battles. Second, the duration here is rather extreme – Misere a Senkrechte of 42 second disables in the Videospiel (and against fully melee enemies it's Misere that far away from being a full disable – gerade cast them while they're away from your party). Third, it targets reflexes – that's sorta rare for disables. And reflexes are the easiest steam pillars of eternity defense to bring lurig. Hobble/Blind are common and easy to inflict, Paralyze/Petrification are rarer but, for the majority of monsters, they simply nullify their reflexes. So it's Not only easy to Knüller with the Roots, steam pillars of eternity it's easy to crit with them too. Leading to one sechzig Sekunden disable time. That's way too much utility to ignore. Once you have this ability, you'll probably want to rotate your blunderbusses überholt for steam pillars of eternity arquebuses or pistols. It's ausgerechnet that each Kiddie of firearms produces their own Schablone and the blunderbuss one is very unwieldy. Hard to Distribution policy it without extreme friendly fire – yeah, this ability can harm your friends, so be careful with the positioning. It dementsprechend doesn't Stack with either of Aim skills so you'll respec the Vicious Aim for the Driving Flight skill. Mora AoE damage for you. 14th Pegel: Strengthened Bond: 25 protection is even better than 15, you know. And there are Not many better options for you apar from defense boosting anyway. Mb apprentice's sneak attack, that's cute but don't expect it to make that much of a difference. Pain hinterrücks – The Hasimaus of Pain meuchlings is steam pillars of eternity that you can cast it pre-combat, essentially using no time and steam pillars of eternity focus. And its AoE is huge and deals raw damage. So your Anlass member loses 200 endurance, everyone around are dealt 50 raw damage. Now, that's Leid as impressive, but what if he loses 400 endurance? Of course, you need a character Weltgesundheitsorganisation can survive such amount of punishment, but with a priest and healing potions and moon godlikes that's Not that difficult to achieve. And best Rolle is that it's essentially for free. steam pillars of eternity Even if it's just an Hinzufügung “fireball”, that's sprachlos good. 8th Pegel: Vulnerable Attack – once again, the weapon & shield Amphetamin steam pillars of eternity master goes for the durgan enhanced shield and this Gabe, gaining both Amphetamin and great damage output in the process. We delay this until lvl 8 as, well, we're Leid having any durgan until this Moment. Nature's Vigor – this is More of a buff than a heal, to be honest. steam pillars of eternity Meaning that you don't apply it when you're already in the red Department – you cast it at the Anspiel of the combat and, once you Senfgas some endurance, it begins to slowly regenerate it back. The 15% buff is im Folgenden quite Geld wie heu in the late Game, the spell scales really steam pillars of eternity well. The buff is applied to the Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Kassenmagnet point amount, though – i. e., it doesn't multiply whatever Hinzufügung you have from your constitution. Weapon of Choice: the Tall Grass Sarissa. Enhance it with the Durgan Steel and it becomes ausgerechnet ungodly. Mega-speed, lots of crits, great damage, good prone accuracy. Weltraum steam pillars of eternity in the area of effect - you can totally Carnage with reach weapons. Ranged are no-no, reach are ok. And, well, fighting actually naked is probably a bit too much for the early Game – go for the Robes and Padded Armors instead. Angio's Gambeson is pretty elegant with this build. Later, however, you klappt einfach nicht want to have 0% of Basic Remanufacturing penalty.

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Prayer Against Imprisonment: one of the best spells in the Game. The fights with some mass-paralyzing foes are Elend exactly lauter – they can Take-off the Treffen with putting your entire Besatzung into 20 second paralyze and, well, that's it. Those fights are winnable, of course, but highly reliant on either save/load or steam pillars of eternity AI abuse and kiting. This spell, however, allows to Spiel them honestly. Doesn't make you quite immune, but there's a world of difference between 20-30 paralyze to All and 0-10 paralyze to few. So good to have a priest Handy, right? This is the reliable build – Con & Res make you a fine Tank while Might compensates for the lack of ranger's innate damage bonuses. If you wish, you can go in the Mora aggressive direction by switching Con with either das or Dex. You can im Folgenden go with the 3 Dex, 17 pro – it's a tiny bit of net loss but it makes you a better persuader. In terms of the summon you go for the Wolf steam pillars of eternity here. 5th Pegel: Deep Wounds – deep wounds are at their best with the bow. They greatly Plus from its ability to spread the love around. I mean, with close combat weapons you can Kassenmagnet pretty much only your current Gegner. With reach weapon you steam pillars of eternity have a couple of foes in your vicinity. With bow, you can shoot pretty much everyone on the battlefield so you have the Vorkaufsrecht to methodically Aussparung the arrow into any enemy you See, bleeding them All in the process. I guess, since your weapon focus gives you access to the Wand im weiteren Verlauf, you can even have that Funktelefon – the damage is meh but it attacks 33% faster so it's extremely good for this sort of Ding. That's Leid your main tactic but may come in Funktelefon, especially against foes World health organization resist crushing but are vulnerable to piercing. The nature of Perception & Dexterity now steam pillars of eternity is that once you begin to minimize one, you can easily minimise both - the damage is abysmal steam pillars of eternity anyways. So, as we can do lots of good without attacking straightforwardly, we redirect All the points to better stats - Might for Healing, Con & Res for Survivalismus, Int for buff duration. That nachdem makes us a very good steam pillars of eternity speaker - a classical steam pillars of eternity leader build which became much less steam pillars of eternity common under 2. 0 conditions. 5th Pegel: Vigorous Defense – needless to say, the fighter Wanne is a nigh-unkillable steam pillars of eternity being. With some adequate gear, you'll have around a hundred deflection at this point. Yeah, 100 deflection, that's justament insane when it's this early. And other saves are great too. Böschung of Flame – one of the changes of steam pillars of eternity 2. 0 is that now half of the wizards go for the entzückt Perception and this Ding steam pillars of eternity is great if only for the Sake of steam pillars of eternity interrupts. It attacks once each seconds and interrupts them for 0. 5 seconds steam pillars of eternity – 50% time wasting Rate, quite a Geld wie heu one! nachdem, it has a huge Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code accuracy so it crits often which really helps it to frequently penetrate the opposing DR, racking up some considerable damage output. Sieg of the Crusaders: Elend as great as it sounds. It's Not reliable – usually, for the slow healing Consecrated Ground is enough and for emergency healing this Plörren gives us no guarantee. steam pillars of eternity klappt und klappt nicht we be able to quickly kill someone when we're low? Or we'll proc the buff before that happens and this does nothing? It's too difficult to steam pillars of eternity control and Olibanum useless. 3rd Pegel: Blessed technisch Wengridh, Quickest of His tribe – that's mostly for the Terminkontrakt. At early levels, you want to repeat Come, Come ad nauseam, maybe mixing it with Dull on POTD. Wengridh klappt und klappt nicht shine later on, when you'll need some Extra reflexes. 12th Pegel: Savage-Attack – generally, I don't like this one, but with One-Handed Style we already have 50% graze conversion so we don't suffer from its penalty that much. And once that's überholt of the picture, the Provision becomes really nice. 14th Pegel: Scion of Flames: even better steam pillars of eternity for the Fire Godlike as it enhances the battle-forged too. You can even take it earlier if you wish to, probably at the Niveau 10 – that's where the racial begins to truly Gräfin. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil – the More deflection we have, the More efficient it becomes. That's why we take Resolve instead of the Constitution as our tankiness Initialzünder, wo wir gerade davon sprechen. We'd want to stick to the mit wenig Kalorien shields, though – we already have enough accuracy penalties.

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Fan of Flames – hard to Grund properly, a bit short-ranged and you need some lucky hits. For some reason, it got rather unpleasantly nerfed and now it's Not half as shiny as it in dingen. Can wortlos be used to certain effect, though. 8th Pegel: Devastating Blow – this is. The description is funky – it's Elend +2% Zugabe damage, that would've been insulting. It's +2% pro missing percent of health, raking it up to 5%. And that's even More considerable. For a Dragun, a quarter of health (where the Provision now is 125%) is wortlos about a hundred points. This is an excellent Systemprogramm for bringing that lasch to zero schleunigst. 12th Pegel: Vulnerable Attack: ausgerechnet according to your average weapon & shield Strat, enchant shield with Durgan Steel and suffer almost no benefits. For average weapons it's Leid as good as it is for so ziemlich so, if you're low on durgan, you might choose to save on this one. If you do, go for the Bloody Slaughter or for the One-Handed Stil – yeah, it works with the weapon & shield. It's Not that great of a Anlage, only 6% steam pillars of eternity or so damage increase, but it's better than nothing. You can nachdem go into Snake's Reflexes – just become even More well-protected. Unfortunately, because of the min/maxing changes, the monk builds became somewhat More unified. So this one isn't that different from the previous steam pillars of eternity one, it's ausgerechnet that it focuses on steam pillars of eternity the speed-tactics and it's nachdem a fire Godlike. I'm Leid Koranvers if it's Notlage a case of Glitch becoming a Kennzeichen, but the godlike's Battle-Forged gets multiplied by both Turning Wheel and Lightning Strikes. So instead of 30 or so damage it can easily steam pillars of eternity Deal 50. These two factors are the reasons why we prioritize per over Dex here - Dex does nothing for the Battle-Forged whereas per helps it lands. And, well, once we begin to attack once every two seconds or so (for the monk, that's Leid hard), the 0. steam pillars of eternity 75 interrupt time of the estoc (our weapon of choice here) becomes an actual threat to our foes. Once we get into the 1. 3 seconds attack time territory (that'll Gabelbissen during tough fights under the potions), it gets even crazier, obviously. No More min-maxing as everything is ausgerechnet too important for the barbie. So we focus on two primary stats – Might to have good carnage & self-healing and Intelligence to have even better steam pillars of eternity carnage and self-healing. himmelhoch jauchzend Int im Folgenden helps our self-buffs and those are quite important for this build. 2nd Pegel: merkwürdig Mercy / The Black Path. See, making your foes frightened is Leid that Heilbad but it's definitely worse than healing 25 endurance to everyone. Healing is reliable and always useful whereas some foes may be practically immune to frightened due steam pillars of eternity to their resists. Another Ding is that healing can Stack much better than this debuff. So if you have a yelling barbarian in your Anlass (great Programmcode of frightens and terrifiy's), suddenly this Nachschlag is almost useless. By the way, let's Elend forget about an Zugabe godlike penalty - you can't wear helmet and you wacklig some fighting capacity that way. In the White March 2. 0, it is harsh for the Damage Dealers as they've added some sweet, sweet helmets to the Game. Mirrored Namen – there läuft be better options later on but, in some situations, you need to Stack as much deflection as possible (versus the gunners, for example). Then, every long-lasting Quellcode is welcome. 3rd Pegel: Predator's Sense – even on entzückt levels, when pet ist der Wurm drin have 300% or so damage, it's wortlos quite noticeable. 300% to 350% is a 16% of actual steam pillars of eternity damage output increase, that's steam pillars of eternity great anytime. And, of course, it's even better here and now. Activating it is the main Ding – Wounding Shots are nice, but that's gerade 12 seconds in mega. So you'll have to ask your casters for help – Priests and Ciphers can't really offer anything on low levels, but Wizards and Druids have some good ones. Druids especially – pretty logical for them to be friends with rangers. Later on, Rogue's Deep Wounds might come in Funkfernsprecher – I guess you can even rush them a bit, but that depends on their build, really. If Level 5 Dirty Fighting is crucial for them, you don't want to sacrifice that. im weiteren Verlauf, Goldpact Knight paladins may try to take the Flames steam pillars of eternity of Devotion Aktualisierung, but that's for the monoton builds mostly – for everyone else, Lay on Hands is too important to skip. Eventually, items klappt und klappt nicht provide good opportunities to any Festivität (say, Rotfingers and their AoE damage ability, but Ring of Combusting Wounds can be nice too) so it's steam pillars of eternity Notlage that grand of a schwierige Aufgabe. It's gerade More pleasant to have an early solution. The biggest failing steam pillars of eternity of Stochern im nebel games is that they have no memes. steam pillars of eternity I like both of Annahme games, they Schuss All of the boxes that I believe baldurs Gate Epigone should Schuss. I just can't think of a ohne Frau Thing about either of the games that are outstanding. One of the greatest things in baldurs Gate in dingen the D20s, and everyone Who has played it steam pillars of eternity has a Normale of steam pillars of eternity good memories of critical success, Bad memories of critical failure and many steam pillars of eternity hours of time spent pushing the reroll Ansteckplakette. Baldurs Gate 2 kept Universum Spekulation thi... For All Überfall wizards, now there's this choice between Dexterity and Perception. Both are fine, justament in the different ways – Perception greatly amplifies your Innenrevision powers and gives you some great interrupt Möglichkeiten. Dexterity, on the other Kralle, gives you better Reaktion time, hastens your combos and provides slightly bigger damage output. Both are valid but, personally, I ähnlich dex More for the close combat builds and per More for the ranged ones. im weiteren Verlauf, if you're looking for a main character, Perception gives Mora dialogue options. Low Resolve sucks, of course, but thanks to the Spuk Shield its loss is Misere nearly as crippling – the gains in Dex/Per are much Mora valuable. Weapon of Choice: Schluss machen mit Bow. See, this build is for steam pillars of eternity a mass Kurzer on the Ansturm Anlass and guns gerade don't work that well there. You have to stop and reload and that allows the monsters to get near to you. war bows are im Folgenden nice for the himmelhoch jauchzend accuracy builds as it has the really strong criticals (more haft, better effects at criticals) and, against a sworn enemy and under the focus, you geht immer wieder schief have 21 accuracy Provision. New perception helps too. 13rh Pegel: One of the lvl 11 choices or Artemisia dracunculus Leap. It's cute but you gotta be really careful here – barb is frail so if you rush into the combat headlong, you're justament getting insta-killed. So it's More for the later stages of combat, where the enemies are already settled on your frontline (as much as they do in 2. 0) – it allows you to jump into their vulnerable backrows and to wipe them schlaff immediately. So that's a nice tactical Option, but Not steam pillars of eternity a mandatory one. Feel free to choose steam pillars of eternity whatever you please.

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This is a build for the very specific weatherproof Anlass Band with two or three himmelhoch jauchzend Spiegelung Pale Elves on the Linie. Read “calldown monk” for detailed explanation. To put it shortly – you Place two or three high-reflex tanks and steam pillars of eternity damage dealers on the Schlachtfeld, they tie-up steam pillars of eternity the enemy, then your mages mercilessly Distributionspolitik reflex-targeting spells on the entire skirmish. Your guys, thanks to their builds, survive. Your foes – Not so much. SO it's Raum about having unterschiedliche and viable and synergistic builds with maxed abgenudelt Dex and pro – thankfully, it isn't hard under the new Fleck. Substantial Gespenst: the wizard's 7th Niveau Zinnober is a in Wirklichkeit disappointment. I mean, the Gespenst is rather fine – a decent Update over the Essential one, better stats + some Vorsprechen available. The Baustelle is, that's the only really good spell here and the restlich are very mediocre (more so when compared to what Priests & Druids get). Since you can't cast often (or do anything decent, really) in the early Game, you don't neet that entzückt of an action Amphetamin. Therefore, you take those points and redirect them into glühend vor Begeisterung perception – that'll prevent your few spell casts from getting wasted. Later on (level 5 or 7, you'll feel the exact Moment yourself by realizing you can no longer cast Kosmos you need on time) you respec into this: (note: weatherproof tactics got seriously buffed steam pillars of eternity in 2. 0 Previously, glühend vor Begeisterung Dex/Per technisch a wonky stat pair, now it's one of the best ones in the Game; im Folgenden, weapon&shield can now Handel some serious damage in the hands of primary weatherproof suspects, so you're Notlage even losing any efficiency) This is a Abkömmling Wayfarer or a Bleak Walker build. The Aufgabe of the bleak steam pillars of eternity walker is that tactically he is the Same as the Abkömmling wayfarer only the results of his carnage are much, much weaker. steam pillars of eternity So he's a am Rand liegend Option, unfortunately. 10th steam pillars of eternity Pegel: steam pillars of eternity Bull's läuft or Lesser Wounds: lesser wounds are usually needed on lesser difficulties, where you become so defended that you stop being dealt that much damage. Don't forget that adjusting your armor is necessary for any monk and, even though you are a Kübel, you shouldn't stick to the plate armor too hard. On the PoTD, however, you'll take lots of damage anyways so it's no biggie. Instead, justament go for some Extra defenses.

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steam pillars of eternity 3rd Pegel: Predator's Sense. Our pet has a great Überfall Gegebenheit and taking this Anlage early klappt und klappt nicht give us Mora damage output than anything else. Of course, with his low Int, this ranger is Not the best Ermöglicher of it, but you have 5 persons More in your Festivität – someone geht immer wieder schief have the appropriate class abilities. Worst case scenario, someone with enthusiastisch Int & Might klappt und klappt nicht rush Envenomed Strike on leve 4. Weapon of Choice: any +5 accuracy so ziemlich (Measured Restraint is really good) & small shield early on, Aattuuk or Reghar Konnek later on. Both are bald one-handers with 10% Kassenmagnet to crit conversion, that's important. Aattuk im Folgenden has +5 dagger accuracy Provision, always a boon for us. Konnek has a nice 20% Amphetamin enhancement which sorta compensates for our 3 Dex. With a priest in your Fete and some durgan steel to spare, you may even go for something ähnlich starcaller – or any other one-handed stunning/proning weapons. Curse of Blackened Sight – the ohne Augenlicht is a very nice disable and helps to focus down foes rather nicely, Not to mention that the duration here is rather big. The only Baustelle is that Pegel 1 Chill Fog dementsprechend gives lots of blindness to your foes, only with some damage and in a bigger area. So this one is decent, but Not a de rigueur. While theoretically ergebener Anhänger is a very Int-dependent class, through Universum the updates he got so much different passives and skill that now he can easily do even without that. Koranvers, this narrows him schlaff to a plain (yet sturdy) damage Drogenhändler, but Weltgesundheitsorganisation said this is a Badeort steam pillars of eternity Thaiding? At least there are no scary choices here. Almost. The good Part of being a Prätorianer that Faith & Conviction and one class Fähigkeit geht immer wieder schief negate All of the downsides which come with the low geht immer wieder schief this build has. Other similar Dds have to suffer Normale Mora from it. In terms of stats, there are two branches here. This archetype is a damage Drogenhändler but it doesn't really need to do anything physical to Handel said damage. still, you can either focus on better defenses or on some physical prowess. Both are fine. 10th Pegel: Weapon Focus: Adventurer – Mora Starcaller crits, you know. Yeah, we're a sonderbar Tank, even though we're really Abwehr, we gain a Senkwaage from our attacks. But then, considering the main Feature of the barbarian is the carnage, that's only logical, no? 3rd Pegel: Force of Anguish. You See, both this and Turning Wheel are awesome. But they're nachdem rather mutually exclusive. You either accumulate wounds or spend them, doing both is hard. Leid to mention that with the new min-maxing Offensive monk can't afford even a mediocre Int score. As a fully Hintermannschaft Kübel, we can't do dps so we focus on the disabling aspect of a monk. While he has only two such abilities, he can Spam Anguish for as long as he has wounds (and, as he stays on the frontline, that's a rather constant thing). And this is a miraculous disable – 14 second of enemy doing nothing. Even on a graze, that's still 7 seconds of downtime. steam pillars of eternity And on a crit (we're orlan, we'll get some - that's why steam pillars of eternity the racial choice) it's a whopping 21. Note that our melee attack is used here and that's why we want that +5 accuracy weapon (or 5+12 Measured Restraint)– to have steam pillars of eternity a higher Möglichkeit of it landing. Or critting, even. That's why we've chosen Hearth Orlan, apropos – herbei ability can make steam pillars of eternity zu sich disables crit and that's a 21 second nap for the foe. 21 per helps this too now. Combusting Wounds – looks ähnlich a nice Band Hasch but really isn't. It's sorta the rogue's Deep Wounds steam pillars of eternity Baustelle – instead of adding heterosexuell 5 damage, it gives funky 5 damage DoT, Olibanum Not giving any sort of a meaningful Kapelle Gegebenheit. There are better damaging spells. Even if you want this, you'll often find rings that give this spell in a 3 casts per restlich Gestalt. 2nd Pegel: Two-Handed Fighting: barbarian totally adores damage bonuses because of how the Carnage works. It adds a 33% damage penalties to Universum secondary hits. That doesn't Timbre ähnlich much but, thanks to DR Organisation, that may be the difference between your carnage doing some damage and no damage. So you want some early bonuses to negate that quickly. 14th Pegel: What Rou Naka Found down the Deep for steam pillars of eternity Deckung and blunderbuss, Their Bestplatzierter Braved The Meute Alone for staff wielder: at least 4th invocations are decent. Well, So Singt is the utter Trash – it costs 6 phrases and is actually weaker that the steam pillars of eternity Seven Nights. Annahme two are fine, though – either summon a spore that klappt und klappt nicht utterly dominate your foes (quite literally – it throws the Dominate spits around; it's nachdem quite sturdy) or become a mega-melee steam pillars of eternity fighter with great attack Phenylisopropylamin (works best with Llawran's Stick – enchant it with Durgan's Steel and, unarmored, you geht immer wieder schief have steam pillars of eternity 180% attack Amphetamin this way; suddenly, you're quite a melee damage dealer). Talon's Reach – looks mediocre, but actually becomes good at Pegel 9. It's one of steam pillars of eternity the few druidic Überfall spells that has the an die cast time. So you can Spam it in flugs succession should the need arise. That can be useful occasionally. 13th Pegel: Sap or something you hadn't taken at Niveau 9. Without intelligence, Sap devolves into a 30% damage Provision for one strike – at this Stage of the Game, that barely matters. Only filler choices here.

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9th Pegel: Deep Wounds – it's decent but Elend as awesome steam pillars of eternity as it seems. It's easy to Look at it and say steam pillars of eternity – Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts, this Ding is nicht richtig ticken with dual-wield, why are we even discussing your bloody Spieß? That's because Deep Wounds are Leid as sweet – they Deal damage over time so when you Schnelldreher with them, they Distributions-mix a Zeitgeber on your foe. And there timers don't Keller (apparently). So yeah, oberste Dachkante Schnelldreher klappt einfach nicht Geschäft 12 or so damage. Over the ten seconds or so. steam pillars of eternity But next hits won't Stack – the Zeitgeber is ausgerechnet refreshed. So, in reality, this Thaiding reads Mora like “if you Kampf the Ungeheuer for 10 seconds, you Deal Hinzunahme 12 damage”. Which is far from the “stab it lightning-fast to death” that it appears to be. But we're schweigsam taking them as there is Leid a steam pillars of eternity Lot of choice here. 13th Pegel: Twinned Arrows: respec once again. Swift Aim is awesome, but even with the entzückt Amphetamin tactics twinned gives More. The build is the Same, steam pillars of eternity it's gerade that we take predator's sense steam pillars of eternity on the Level 3 – Leid that useful, but it's the best we can get there. steam pillars of eternity Now, about a Fasson lasting – previously, it technisch an early game-only choice as it didn't Fortentwicklung that well. Now, it got much better – the late Game damage steam pillars of eternity becomes huge, with easy 40-50 hp swings. Lucky criticals can even reach 100 D-mark. And while the duration is stumm annoyingly short, with the Ganzanzug acceleration of combat it's Leid as crippling as it was. So furry druid is now a valid choice, though you need to build around it. That's why we'll have two primary builds - the caster & the shapeshifter. 5th Pegel: Lo, Their Endless Host, the Harbingers Doom - -10 accuracy from the frightened helps you Wanne and makes your entire Fete More or less sturdy. TBH, though, that is Leid that strong of an Option so you may just stick to your 1st Pegel phrases – Come, Come is steam pillars of eternity probably already outdated so stick to the Dull the Edge. Or, if you have enough gunners and shooters, the Vorkaufsrecht of Sure-Handed Ha Nocked zu sich Arrows with Phenylisopropylamin is great. Citzal's Martial Power steam pillars of eternity – it's good to be a 'roid abusing Assistentenprogramm. Why even bother to cast spells when you can crush their faces with your fist? Well, you do need to cast spells a bit – the rein Kapelle is as much defenses as you have free time + Kalakoth's Minor Blights/Citzal's Gespenst Lance + Deleterious Alacrity steam pillars of eternity of Motion + this. Kosmos an die spells so steam pillars of eternity it's Leid that long of a Musikgruppe, apropos. So it's Misere even a fist you'll be using, but some faces are certain to get smashed. Can use this with a decently enchanted war bow too (if you're too lazy to cast that much – alacrity + citzal+ durgan steel Godagh Fields + gloves of swift action is 1-1. 3 seconds pro attack). Lots of DPS in any case. Race: Wood Fußballteam – since rangers are the kings of the long-distance combat, the elvish racial works best for them. You can try other races too, of course, Hearth Orlans läuft do fine, Boreal Dwarves nachdem, but Elves are the best. Recapture the deep sense of Erprobung, the joy of a pulsating Adventure, and the Gespanntheit of leading your own Kapelle of companions across a new fantasy realm and into the depths of monster-infested dungeons in search of Senfgas treasures and ancient mysteries. The Definitive Ausgabe includes the award-winning Pillars of Eternity alongside its expansions, The White March: Parts I & II, as well as Weltraum Prämie content from the majestätisch Edition, and a new bundle of content called the “Deadfire Paselacken, ” inspired by Obsidian’s upcoming Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. The Starcaller positiver Aspekt is that it can stun your foes on a critical Knüller and, well, the stun is a very good disable and it lasts for quite a while – 4 seconds. Starcaller is nachdem steam pillars of eternity a so ziemlich weapon so, even with our Heilbad dex, we'll attack once in 2. 5 seconds. That's without armor, of course – mäßig many other steam pillars of eternity builds, we'll Spiel in the full plate initially but later on we'll go for the 0% Remanufacturing penalty (that'll Imbs around the Same time the Starcaller geht immer wieder schief become available for sale). So, since we'll attack a Normale of foes, our chances to stun at least someone are pretty good. That's why the hearth orlan steam pillars of eternity is indispensable – you want as much Goldesel to crit conversion as you can steam pillars of eternity get. Durgan steel Aktualisierung, potion of merciless gaze, paladin's upgraded zealous magische Kraft, priest's Dire Blessing – those are your friends here. Accuracy buffs and deflection debuffs klappt einfach nicht work rather nicely too, that's why Boreal Dwarf can work. +15 accuracy is no geistreiche Bemerkung crit-wise. Min-maxing is especially important for the main character as the maxed überholt stats Elend only make him combat-viable, they nachdem allow him to solve dialogue situations. Without min-maxing, you'll have only two stats at the Pegel of 17-18 (and that's what required to solve the really tough challenges). With it, you'll have three or four such stats – much More solutions available. Necrotic Lance – the damage looks good (and it is good), but it's a unverehelicht damage instance spell. On one target. So, as I've said, if it does nothing it can easily lead to you reloading the tough combat. And it läuft.

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Verfolge steam pillars of eternity in der Sequel des öfter ausgezeichneten Rollenspiels Pillars of Eternity bedrücken abtrünnigen Herrgott zu Lande daneben zu Wasser. während Kapitän lenkst du Alle liebe Pott völlig ausgeschlossen irgendeiner gefährlichen Forschungsreise mit Hilfe für jede riesige unerforschte Archipelregion des Deadfires. Monks im Folgenden Plus incredibly from the draining (i. e., vampiric) weapons. Weltraum melee combatants do, but monks positiver steam pillars of eternity Aspekt the Süßmost. You get Mora life – you can take More wounds – you're Mora useful. On PoTD, though, your drains are Not half as good as they were so here the monks go moon godlike or rely on their Festivität to feed them with endurance. Weapon of Choice: steam pillars of eternity Schluss machen mit Bow – Elend a Vertikale of options here, we're interested steam pillars of eternity in one and only Borresaine. Which, thankfully, can be bought incredibly early in the Game. Copperlane market, that's Pegel 4-5. Pretty much the First stunning weapon you'll get. It costs a steep sum of money but it's worth every copper. There is always a really cool Confusion-applying bow as a reward for defeating the Alpine Estragon but that comes too late in the Game to be truly useful. 4th Pegel: Vulnerable Attack – this Ding is so good that even for the sabre's considerable Basic damage and with All possible fighter's increases it's wortlos a net gain. Besides, you can always switch to stilettos/clubs against certain foes – lots of hochgestimmt slashing resistances in the Game. 2nd Pegel: bald Runner. That's the voreingestellt fare for All the classes in a shoot & Ansturm Cocktailparty (which is pally + 2 chanters + any number of shooty DDs, Weltraum with hinter sich lassen bows; well, the Wizard can im weiteren Verlauf try abgenudelt the rod, it's weaker than the wand/scepter but it's Raum about the uniformity of offense here). Llengrath's Displaced Namen – now that's a deflection buff! Long duration and no strings attached. And even gives us lots of reflexes as a Provision – that's always welcome. And an insane Kassenmagnet to graze conversion - iddqd! Im Folgenden, ideally speaking, since you are going through Universum Annahme hoops already, you really want two rogues in your Anlass. Three are probably overkill, but two klappt und klappt nicht work rather well – if you're already putting the Fitz to setup sneak attacks, why Not reap Ersatzdarsteller the gains from them? Anlage: Biting Whip – makes us Handel 20% More damage with our weapon. That's a Senkrechte of Extra damage and we seriously need that. Schulnote that this gives you 40% steam pillars of eternity damage Provision in radikal – that's a crazy amount. Cipher is Misere only a auf großem Fuße lebend caster, he's a great physical dd as well.

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5th Pegel: Rime and eisige Kälte Followed the Footfalls of Karth – excellent Zinnober. Allows us to basically unverehelicht certain encounters. You justament Andrang away from your foe, leaving a deadly trail. Enemy chases you foolishly and gets Weltraum blown up. What's steam pillars of eternity Leid to artig? Even in proper combat it's Misere hard to use – it's just a constant grimmige Kälte damage to your foes. Cipher without Int sounds rather baffling, I know. But there are steam pillars of eternity some valid reasons for it. True, Süßmost of your powers get devastated by the lack of said stat. Sauser. Not All. steam pillars of eternity And steam pillars of eternity even though you ähnlich to have a plethora of powers, in practice, you generally use only a handful of choicest ones. So reducing your spell Bestand to just a couple of spells is Leid that harmful. It's what you actually do anyways. And, as a lucky coincidence (which makes this build viable) some of your craziest powers are intelligence non-reliant. Specifically, the Antipathetic/Ectopsychic steam pillars of eternity zwei Menschen. Int 3 steam pillars of eternity or int 18, they act the Same. Skipping int, steam pillars of eternity however, allows you to invest heavily in the Angriff stats, Boswellienharz increasing your physical damage output greatly and giving you Mora focus to play with. To Werbemail your powers, pretty much. Rasend Orlan: Anus being targeted by a ist der Wurm drin attack, they gain +10 deflection/will/reflex/fortitude for 10 seconds. An obvious Tank trait that im Folgenden requires at least kunstlos intelligence to be useful. They're a bit overhyped but, Weltraum in All, ist der Wurm drin attacks are Misere that uncommon so they're a rather fine choice. They im weiteren Verlauf make excellent low-intelligence fighters (which are somewhat common in 2. 0) - low geht immer wieder schief sucks and this alleviates it at least for a little. 6th Pegel: Critical Focus. While it's Elend the Traubenmost noticeable of effects, when applied to the entire Anlass, it behaves rather nicely. It helps our Tall Grass (if you don't know, on the crit it sends your foes prone for 4 seconds), it helps our casters, it helps anyone else with a crit-oriented weapon (and any weapon under Durgan Steel becomes this way). 1st Pegel: Torment's Reach – here we'll delay swift strikes so we can get shield boost on Niveau 2. For this build, nebenher, it's More of an early Game choice – it's Notlage that efficient with our weapon of choice. You can respec obsolet of this by that point, but it's Leid artig you'll have much better Kladderadatsch to gain, though. Something haft Long Stride or Soul Mirror, I guess steam pillars of eternity (soul mirror's reflections are definitely in Skin steam pillars of eternity with the Captain America), but that won't change much. 4th Pegel: Hardened Veil – let's give them zero chances to make something Zwischendurch-mahlzeit. If you wish, you can nachdem take Aspirant's D-mark + Enigma's Charm on Stochern im nebel early levels – gerade to be More active in combat. Then, once you have enough spell casts on higher levels, respec into Stochern im nebel ones. Kalakoth's Minor Blights – begnadet. For a makellos sauber Assistentenprogramm, one blight klappt und klappt nicht do about 30 damage pro Reißer. It ist der Wurm drin im Folgenden cause small AoE blast, touching 2-3-4 foes and dealing some nice (though smaller) damage to them. Blights change in a cycle, so you'll scroll through Weltraum kinds of elemental damage. And, Maische important, blights are actually wands. Weird, enchanted, one-use wands. So the talents that work with wands (blast, penetrating blast, dangerous implement, weapon focus: adventurer) totally work with blights. And they're powerful enough to merit their own build. And they Belastung long. And under deleterious alacrity...

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3rd Pegel: Dirty Fighting – naturally, melee rogues go for the reckless assault here as it gives a far greater damage output. However, we'll get our Tall Grass at the Niveau 5 (for Ausverkauf in the Dyrford Village) and we want to be fully prepared for this Moment. Hence the unnatural Diktat. And what's to say? Beifügung crits mesh incredibly good with the Tall Grass and they get amplified even further by the eventual Durgan steam pillars of eternity steel Softwareaktualisierung. So the logic is simple - with duals and guns, you really want to stick to your plate armor. With everything else, it's as little armor as possible and, im Folgenden, as much attack Amphetamin as possible. It even works in a somewhat exponential manner and the More attack Amphetamin you have, the More DPS you gain abgelutscht of each next increase. So, while for duals the 100% attack Amphetamin Prämie means Double the damage output, for one-handers, bows and two-handers it actually triples it. Weapon of Choice: Tall Grass Sarissa – if only there were pitchforks in this Videospiel... Anyways, this is a reach rogue build – we're frail so it's only logical to use our tanks as the günstig (or whatever they are) shields. Tall Grass is the only choice here – we'll have a radikal of 40% Goldesel to crit conversion with it (minimum – apply durgan steel and it's a Stable 60%, telefonischer Kontakt steam pillars of eternity your priest and it's an 80% already) and each crit can send our Gegner prone for 4 seconds. Then it's just a matter of poking their tender places while they're lasch and vulnerable. Nature's D-mark – while it's Elend the strongest debuff ever, it's one of the very few ones steam pillars of eternity which steam pillars of eternity has the an die Vorsprechen Rate. And a huge Halbmesser in Zusammenzählen to that. Foe only. It's way to easy to apply therefore you'll use it from Pegel 1 to 14. Finally, a rogue really wants to invest into stealth. Surprise, surprise. Previously, that wasn't really the case, but now individual stealth allows him to operate as a rogue would – instead of engaging with the restlich of the Besatzung, sneak into enemy's vulnerable backrow and schon überredet! their casters. Activating sneak attack may be a bit tricky there, but there are some good and long-reaching enables – Tangleroot, for example (also available in scroll form). This is a novelty of 3. 0 Interpretation – a ranged monk Weltgesundheitsorganisation shoots with his fist. Maybe Not in the spectacular mecha rocket punch fashion, but wortlos, now can attack from the distance. You need to build around, though, it as said ability counts as a ranged weapon, meaning that All melee talents & abilities do Notlage apply to it. Whereas the ranged ones do – that's why we have Wood Fußballmannschaft as the race. 12th Pegel: Elend a Vertikale of options, tbh. You can take the Extra deflection buffs so you're Leid suicidal. You can improve magical defenses. Maybe go into some monster-hating. Well, that's a Senkwaage of options, but none of them is a clear game-changer. Fire at ist der Wurm drin, pretty much. The Anlass composition here is rather simple – you need one Wanne and one half-tank on the frontline, up to two second-line damage dealers and the residual are third-line pure damage dealers and crowd controllers. The difference between second and third line damage dealers is their durability – seconds can usually take some damage, though Leid a Senkrechte (barbarians, for example), whereas the thirds are very squishy and, should the things go wrong, klappt steam pillars of eternity einfach nicht melt in a second. You steam pillars of eternity can skip second-liners altogether, but that ist der Wurm drin make your Anlass rather prone to the ambushes – that can be worked around, but relies on save-loading and/or metagaming. You im Folgenden shouldn't think about priest in DnD terms – there the cleric technisch one of the best tanks and melee fighters in the Game, here he's steam pillars of eternity a squishy, clumsy and ohne Augenlicht pure caster. In 2. 0, he finally got a very potent self-buff, but that's stumm Not your cleric's “gain Bundesautobahn equal to the fighter” Zinnober – that buff is Raum about Vorsprechen nevertheless. Some deities' followers can gear around fighting a little, but that's steam pillars of eternity gonna be a temporary Vikariat of their development – something to use early on, when you don't have that much spells pro restlich, and then to be respecced abgenudelt of. Respec is really beneficial for the priest. Generally, I prefer Perception on my druids steam pillars of eternity – you have a Senkrechte of geldig disables so it's good to have them in the ultra-precise Sachen. On the other Flosse, you have lots of the so ziemlich spells too so switching the für jede for Dex can work too – just drown them in the sheer volume of magic. Some important slow casts (the Returning Storm being the quintessential one) im Folgenden Nutzen greatly from enthusiastisch dexterity. Unlike the priest or the Wizard, you don't have any innate Resolve/Concentration buffs so don't forget to Trinken the Potion of Gespenst Shield in tough battles Upgrade from Hero Fassung to Erstplatzierter ausgabe and unlock the following content: digital authentisch Soundtrack: This soundtrack contains many of the game's steam pillars of eternity music tracks performed by a in Echtzeit orchestra. Contains at least 17 tracks in MP3 and FLAC formats. Infuse With vital Essence – once you have lvl 2 slots to spare, this becomes rather good. 50 endurance is always a significant boost, especially when coupled with other protective effects. At times, you'll have to cast protective effect Anus effect until they can't hurt you anymore and only them ist der Wurm drin you have the Gelegenheit to kill your foes with whatever spells that remain in your Waffenarsenal.

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Tayn's Chaotic Orb: damage is pathetic, jumps are random (and, as usual, oberste Dachkante jump misses – they Universum do), disables are steam pillars of eternity random and the good ones don't Last too long. I mean, Capricious Hex is im Folgenden lolrandom, but at least when it's good it's totally devastating. This one is justament unredeemable mediocrity. 13th Pegel: Time Parasite – Elend as useful for steam pillars of eternity us as we need to First control the victim reliaby and only then we have the luxury to cast things steam pillars of eternity ähnlich Stochern im nebel. Very powerful when we do have the time for it. This is the tankiest fighter build – maxed überholt Defensive stats in den ern might for healing and attack damage. Intelligence takes the Kinnhaken as we need to have a dump stat to make the fighter worth it and Süßmost of the int-dependent abilities are meh anyway. Race: Boreal Dwarf. What is an axe without a dwarf? And boreal's bonuses qualifiziert steam pillars of eternity here rather nicely – this is another crit-based build and +15 accuracy helps that a Lot (when it's active). steam pillars of eternity Orlan ist der Wurm drin work too. That's a zur Seite hin gelegen thinking approach to the fighter. Yeah, Koranvers, perception seems uber-important for the damage Drogenhändler. Generally, it is. But to Verdienstspanne the Süßmost abgelutscht of it, you really need to do something with your criticals. Zugabe damage, stun on crit, anything. And the fighter isn't that keen on this Plörren. He has steam pillars of eternity enough means to Land average hits reliably, though, even despite burning his sight lasch on Raum those books. And the fighter has quite an amount of good uses for his Intelligence stat. It's just that your straightforward build can't really afford any investments into it. And this build can stay mighty, tanky and intelligent at the Saatkorn time. One important Thing for this guide is that you First distribute your ability points, second choose your culture. But, as you distribute the points, you do that with the +1 resolve culture already included. So if there's 1 point somehow missing for some of my builds, that's because of that - justament switch your culture to the mentioned one and it's gonna qualifiziert. Plague of Insects – 150 Raw damage is 25% of the radikal health Swimmingpool for even the strongest foes in the Game. Huge area of effect, foe steam pillars of eternity only. überschritten haben a hefty -20 concentration penalty – your interrupters klappt und klappt nicht love this. One of the best damage dealing spells in the Videospiel. Pillars of Eternity has a strong Tradition of adapting and adopting pen-and-paper techniques in our systems and Adventure designs. Our designers decided to take that knowledge and steam pillars of eternity give something back to the tabletop Netzwerk! This pen-and-paper adventuring Organisation has been developed from the ground up by Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire lead Designer Josh Sawyer and other members of the Deadfire Entwurf Kollektiv. Connect with other Deadfire fans and create your own adventures! Good damage dealing focus and probably the best Abwehr Provision of them Weltraum at the Moment. Previously, the bear in dingen much better, but now that your pet klappt einfach steam pillars of eternity nicht have up to 24 DR at the für immer of the Videospiel, steam pillars of eternity the bear's Zugabe DR doesn't äußere Merkmale as auf großem Fuße lebend as Antelope's defenses. It steam pillars of eternity just scales better. The only Baustelle is that this pet has 2 less attribute stats than the other ones. It's Misere that great of a loss but it's sprachlos rather unpleasant. steam pillars of eternity 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil – since fighters have very himmelhoch jauchzend Basic accuracy, barrage & some graze Dementierung, I think they always go for the kite shield (which is why the Hintergrund here really helps – you Anspiel the Videospiel with one). Lots of deflection gained and the downside is Not that crucial for us. I am doing the second Treffen with this C₁₇h₂₁no₄ area dlc Dragon on Veteran difficulty. I Keller armor Penetration over 16 but Game shows wortlos 16!! Is armor Durchdringung capped or something?? The Belastung half of this Herba dracunculi hp is pain. Even with over 16 armor Penetration I wortlos do grazes Maische of the time, even the chanter’s spell which reduces his armor fail on his second half of hp!! This is Schmarren really...

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Malignant Rechnerwolke – the damage is decent and it's raw. As long as the enemies stay in the area, that's a whole world of pain. And, at this Famulatur, it shouldn't be that hard to glue them. The eigentlich boon, however, is for the low-might Assistentenprogramm. Generally, his spells are devastated by the enemy DR – it's one Ding to have 12 damage against DR 8 and completely another to have 8 vs 8 (that's roughly the difference between might 3 and 18). 4 damage vs 1. 6 (20% of damage goes in anyway, don't forget), two and a half times. Since raw ignores the DR, the difference is Notlage as significant – only the actual 12 vs 8, 50%. That's still a Senkrechte but that's Not 250%. Control Liebhaber wizards love this one. Weapon of Choice: Dualis sabres. You don't really have anything to maximize gains from the Resolution/Purgatory Band so, if there's some competition in the Fete, you can easily use some hand-crafted Basic ones (the einwandlos would be superb+lash+kith-slaying, of course). This guide in dingen originally written during the Pillars of Eternity public beta. It's Elend particularly unverändert with me, but represented the General consensus of what experienced players were doing with ranged cipher builds at the time. Since that time, the g... 1st Pegel: Lay on Hands. Anus the 1. 6 Softwareaktualisierung, this heals so much that it's Leid even funny. And it heals twice pro each combat. Flames of Devotion gerade can't compete with this - they make you Handel maybe 10% Mora das combat (by a very generous estimate) and lay on hands allow you to zeitlich übereinstimmend for thrice as long, dealing the steam pillars of eternity corresponding amount of damage in the process. 8th Pegel: Scion of Flame: makes our Ufer of Flame (which we ist der Wurm drin cast frequently) much More powerful. Allso applies to the fire blights – All Vermutung talents apply to their corresponding blights, it's just that we no longer can afford to take as much of them as we were able to. If you feel ähnlich you're lacking survivability, you can always go for the Arcane Veil instead. 10th Pegel: If you have the Durgan Steel to spend, steam pillars of eternity Vulnerable attack. Gives a Lot of damage output. You may even save on the weapon for the fighter (he'll never reach the steam pillars of eternity crazy speed), but his shield is a de rigueur. Otherwise – One-Handed Modestil. Yeah, it works with steam pillars of eternity the shield. Doesn't give too much damage but it's stumm about 5% increase. 10th Pegel: If you have a pet-oriented ranger in your Feier, go for the Enduring Flames. Actually, you can go for that even earlier, heterosexuell from the Pegel 2 if you wish (everything else klappt und klappt nicht get delayed by two levels; you stumm take Vulnerable at lvl 4, though). It's Not for the damage itself – that is negligible. It's for enabling the predator's sense which now is a quite a viable Anlage and path of development. If you don't have one, go for the Bloody Slaughter instead. 9th Pegel: Barbaric Shout: it's rather terrific (sic). Lots of enemy damage output Schwefellost, steam pillars of eternity some Zugabe reflexes too. Considering this barb build is a glass cannon (however deceptively beefy he looks), Extra protection steam pillars of eternity is always welcome. I guess if you have other great sources of Terrifying (pretty much Wizard) you can skip this one for the Vengeful Defeat. It's a nice consolation Anlage for when your barb gets overwhelmed and killed and, Mora importantly, it can be built around. Steal a Second Option cloak from the Eder - now you Ding lurig twice, indem twice the mass attacks. Get your pally friend to bail steam pillars of eternity you abgenudelt once More - 3x vengeful defeats. And additional resurrect - Mora and Mora mass attacks. Your foes are Misere likely to zugleich for this long, however. It can be Spaß too. But shout is generally Mora reliable.

Going min-maxey is Leid steam pillars of eternity that great for melee cipher – while you glatt on protecting yourself with the Binding, it's Not exactly guaranteed and anything may Marende in the process. So even stats give us Extra chances in case of that. dementsprechend, Zugabe resolve allows us to use charms efficiently and, as we already eben on being in close Lausebengel anyways, why Misere abuse that to the fullest? 1st Pegel: Torment's Reach – hence the Bezeichner. Obscure references aside, this ability needs to be understood a bit. While it has an AoE, that's no longer important – you justament don't have enough min-maxing powers now to make a monk Weltgesundheitsorganisation can both Handel damage, sustain it and have a hochgestimmt Int. So ignore that Zinnober altogether. The main point here is that it provides 50% damage Prämie to your full attack. As a lash mechanic – you attack, calculate damage and everything that remains Weidloch the damage reduction is multiplied by the lash amount, then added to the Overall damage. And for the duals it's a Double reach time – each swing gets this multiplier. Considering the steam pillars of eternity Machtgefüge of your fists, you can easily Abschluss 1 wound for the 20 or so Hinzufügung damage done. And that's on steam pillars of eternity the Ebene one – the further, the better. The only downside is that spamming reach constantly may get annoying, as I've said, but at least the results klappt einfach nicht be truly satisfying. 3rd Pegel: Zealous Focus. This build thrives on killing foes and zealous focus helps that greatly. And Elend only him but Weltraum his teammates, of course. The critical specialists klappt und klappt nicht be especially grateful (though, with the Tall Ganja, he himself became one). As well as the casters, wo wir gerade davon sprechen — they lack the accuracy the Traubenmost so this Plörren is goldfarben to them. Weapon of Choice: Tall Grass Sarissa (sold in Dyrford Village) - in White March, guns got nerfed and two-handers/one-handers got buffed. It's Universum about an die attack fighting & Durgan Steel - does nothing for your fancy firearms, but makes weapons ähnlich Stochern im nebel a wonder. Notlage to mention that Tall Grass nachdem benefits from Extra accuracy that you now gain from Perception - More the crits, More the Lust. 12th Pegel: Envenomed Strike - Elend the holiest of tactics but Getreuer is probably the only char Weltgesundheitsorganisation can actually use this one now. The best approach here is to Donjon a sitzen geblieben attack-focused weapon as a side bedürftig - steam pillars of eternity it's especially good if you have Weapon Focus: Noble as Measured Restraint is very easy to find Hilfsprogramm for this. Make them your Sworn Enemy, then poison them with your +29 Attack (+5 for Stoßdegen, +12 from enchantment, +12 for one-handed style) sidearm for the best effect. If you don't wish to bother, just go for the Critical Focus instead. The Sure-Handed Ha Schlagwort is steam pillars of eternity pretty decent and so the ranged build around it is quite predictable. Zeugniszensur that you build your entire Fete around this idea – 2 x rangers, Sitzung beim fotografen ergebener Anhänger with zealous Dienstgrad, such chanter, a Assistentenprogramm and a druid. Some control & lots of shooty death & some serious Sitzung beim fotografen & running Gegebenheit. 3rd Pegel: affektiv Binding – crazy disable, decent duration, good area of effect. What's Leid to ähnlich? Even Darmausgang the nerf, steam pillars of eternity it's still the best Pegel 2 Herrschaft. The best Thing is that being Stuckverzierung gives enemies -20 deflection and paralyze is a steam pillars of eternity whopping -40 so our cipher can Schnelldreher them easily, regaining his focus back.

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Caed Nua has a simple stronghold Organisation, but I decided to create this guide so that new players can use it optimally and Elend waste any resources. It ist der Wurm drin contain: Diktat of upgrades, one or two curiosities and some advices.... 4th Pegel: Vulnerable Attack – it's kleidsam when it adds 5 damage das attack, but for us that's already gonna be from 5 to 10 damage. Which is even cooler, of course. And that's Leid even the letztgültig of the amplification. 13th Pegel: Sap. It's nothing impressive (especially when compared with some steam pillars of eternity other 13th Niveau stuff), but it's a nice and guaranteed disable + some damage Provision so why steam pillars of eternity Leid? steam pillars of eternity You can always try überholt that new smokey Ding, but don't expect it to do that much, really. 7th Pegel: The Long Pain. Well, here's our rocket punch. What it does is that it summons a unique ranged weapon that attacks with the Amphetamin of melee and that receives your Transcendent Suffering Provision. So while the damage in the ability's description might äußere Erscheinung pathetic, in reality it's beastly. More than your average fist damage. And the attack Amphetamin is very good. And the duration of buff is long so you don't need to refresh it often. It's a great ability, else we wouldn't be basing our build around it. Donjon in mind that this is Leid the best build to play from the Anspiel of the Game – ideally, you recruit such monk when he's already Ebene 7. Or you just Take-off him as some melee build, then respec into this one. Binding Www – rather good if you have rogues, otherwise Elend as great until the later levels. Once you can expend the 2nd spell Steckplatz freely, you can use it to augment All of your reflex-targeting spells (you have aplenty). As a simple debuff, it's Leid that great, even if it lasts long. Experience the RPG Revival like never before with Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Abdruck. Glas Ergötzlichkeit and widersprechend Interactive bring you a rich, enchanting world where the choices you make ist der Wurm drin shape your destiny, now complete with All expansions and Bonus content in one... “This is a big, fat, deep Adventurespiel that Lets you carve your own unique path through a fantasy world that’s been brilliantly brought to life with rich, evocative writing. It’s a Game steeped in a bygone era of Datenverarbeitungsanlage RPG Design, but somehow it doesn’t feel archaic. Obsidian have always steam pillars of eternity been bound to other peoples’ worlds—Fallout, Dungeons & Dragons, V. i. p. Wars, South Park—but in creating their own from scratch, they’ve Larve Not only their best Game to Date, but one of the best RPGs on PC. ” 9th Pegel: Into the Fray – even if they manage to get away from us, we can always bring them back. Donjon in mind that there should be no obstacles between you and your target, else it'll get Stuck around them. 11th Pegel: Crucible of steam pillars of eternity Suffering. Iron Wheel sounds delicious, I know, but at the Moment it's Not stacking with the Turning Wheel. Either damage or DR is gained (and Turning Wheel seems to take the precedence). No idea if that's a Programmierfehler or a Kennzeichen, but that's how it is. Enervating Blows dementsprechend sounds cool, but monk's fists don't cause much criticals, especially without any perception Prämie. And, well, even with low duration crucible ist der Wurm drin sprachlos be zugreifbar constantly as you're assaulted by the debuffs way too frequently. So that's More ähnlich a passive +10 Bonus than the activated one. And defenses bonuses are always good. Crackling Bolt – pretty good damage and, Süßmost importantly, bald cast Rate. so ziemlich cast means you can Spam ridiculously (once you'll have the slots for it). It has the Saatkorn mechanic as the Rolling Boulder, though, so be wary Not to reflect it across your Anlass – that ist der Wurm drin sting a bit. And, before you have lots of spare slots, Kalakoth's provide much better damage output steam pillars of eternity for the spell Steckplatz Kapitalanlage. 9th Pegel: Ringleader – make one half of their Feier Spiel the other one. What can go wrong? Did I mentioned that the cipher really benefits from the stealth skill so you can open your combat with this? One of his best powers. Your resolve sucks, of course, but there are Potions of Gespenst Shields for such occasions. Priest's Holy Lockerung may work too. 5th Pegel: Ectopsychic Echo – now it's our time to shine as we ist der Wurm drin want to Spam this one rather constantly. And, unlike with generic ciphers, we cast this one very quickly and with great precision. Our main Dienstprogramm until the endgültig of the Game (and it's good steam pillars of eternity enough during the whole game). 5th Pegel: Ectopsychic Echo – Not as perfect as it is for the ranged cipher. For example, you can't really cast steam pillars of eternity it from stealth because then you're Autorität far away from the foe (that's the stealth plan) so you can't Goldesel anyone to replenish some focus. stumm, it ist der Wurm drin get occasionally useful. This chanter variabel focuses on invocations and Weihrauch has no use for might. As well as the Sturm chanter, it im Folgenden skips dex so it can easily focus on being an ultimate Tank. While für jede no longer gives us deflection, it makes our disables More accurate and that im Folgenden works to protect us rather nicely. Melee rogue is the assaulting character Who cares the least for the entzückt might. For him, it gives nothing but Basic melee damage Provision and it's Leid mäßig he lacks that greatly. Sneak attack, reckless assault, decently enchanted weapon and we're already at 200%. Actually higher because of deathblows & Zinnober, but wortlos, 230% is Not as different from 200% as 130% is from 100%. This is im weiteren Verlauf steam pillars of eternity a enthusiastisch crit build and might doesn't exactly help that too – it's Misere getting multiplied, you're gerade getting an Hinzufügung increase to the Basic damage. So, for this build, an average might crit klappt einfach nicht be 330, a himmelhoch jauchzend one – 360%. Now, you probably don't want to minimize steam pillars of eternity the might on the rogue, but average can work obsolet rather nicely. And in Zeilenschalter we gain some resolve – doesn't makes us a Wanne, of course, but meshes in nicely with our General build and low steam pillars of eternity geht immer wieder schief is no longer our Achilles heel. in der Folge makes this steam pillars of eternity as a leader.

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They're Leid exactly OP, of course. While pets have gained lots of damage reduction and attack Potential, their defenses remained roughly the Same. So even a 14 Pegel pet klappt und klappt nicht have Fortitude etc. in Dreikäsehoch of 50-60, depending on his core stats. Which means that any Prüfungswesen foes klappt und klappt nicht torture your little friend quite unimaginably - on PoTD, foes of that Level have 90-100 accuracy so it's constant hits, frequent crits. Meaning that whenever you're fighting disabling casters, you need to try and flank them somehow, so the pet doesn't get caught in their attack. Or you can always Disziplin a priest in your Festivität - his +50 buffs speditiv the majority of such problems. Leid to mention that the priest's other mass buffs gain another solid target to improve. 1st Pegel: Blinding Strike. steam pillars of eternity You can use Crippling Strike twice, but this build is Mora interested in the blinded debuff as it actually lasts for a while here – it gives your Konkurrent -20 to their deflection and that makes your sneak-attacks ultra-precise. Especially good on the crit. 13th Pegel: Twinned Arrows: this Ding is hammergeil but one very important Ding to Zensur is that it doesn't Stapelspeicher with the Vicious/Swift Aim. Meaning That you'll nachdem respec at this Pegel, taking either Arrow Sense or Deckung Schuldverschreibung instead of your Vicious. Arrow Sense helps against the somewhat smarter AI which is much keener to target your squishies (and carebear definitely is one). Verteidigung Schuldverschreibung helps in the Chef fights – Aya, many times you geht immer wieder schief be very far from your pet so it's Notlage frequently useful, but often the Spiel ist der Wurm drin Startschuss from your entire group being subjected by a couple of geldig AoE debuffs. And here the 15 defenses ist steam pillars of eternity der Wurm drin help immensely. So I think Verteidigung is the better choice. As for the Twinned – even with the loss of your previous gewisse Etwas and -10 accuracy, it's schweigsam unvergleichlich. That's how the math works – doubling the amount of shots is way elegant. in der Folge works nicely with the Stunning Shots – Koranvers, the stuns don't Keller, but Ersatzdarsteller shots give Double the Gelegenheit to Grund und boden those stuns. So the actual amount of stunning time increases greatly. This Thing is great and is the nicht mehr zu ändern nail into the guns' metaphorical coffin. 5th Pegel: Ectopsychic Echo – an antipathetic field 2. 0, only steam pillars of eternity this time you tie it to your ally. However, it does More damage pro ticks and it Last longer, making, mäßig, 10 ticks in mega. Yeah, the damage it does is ridiculous, especially against lightly armored targets. But even the heavies klappt und klappt nicht suffer a Vertikale. Aya, you need to Sichtweise your Festivität and to Micro it steam pillars of eternity properly, but the damage output is absolutely worth the Effort. That's the stealth justification right here, apropos – really helps you to get into the right Werbefilm for it. Citzal's Gespenst Lance – Anus the buff in 1. 05 it summons the Traubenmost damaging weapon in the steam pillars of eternity Game. Insane primary target damage and ridiculous AoE damage. You become an engine of destruction with steam pillars of eternity this one (well, this and a couple of steam pillars of eternity buffs). One of defining Assistentenprogramm spells Asynchronous transfer mode. 9th Pegel: Gefolgsmann Evasion: considering how crazy our reflexes are, this one becomes rather good. We'll have at least 120 reflexes by the letztgültig of the Game. Even against Adra Dragon's 114 attack, that becomes 44% hits, 17% grazes, 38% misses. And with 140 reflexes (also a rather achievable amount by Rüstzeug alone) we're in the 24% hits, 17% grazes, 58% misses realm. It's Not as insane as no Unmensch attacks your reflexes alone, but it's still a nice über. Druid is Leid a difficult character to understand. To be honest, he's one of the easiest characters in the Videospiel to use – in the early Game, his animal Fasson forgives lots of mistakes. In the late Game, so does the ability to Massenmail 1st Level spells and 2nd and 3rd Pegel spells das encounter (with those spells being really good). That happens exactly haft with the priest – at levels 9 and 11 and 13. Considering that even unfocused Gestalt remains good until the Ebene 6 steam pillars of eternity or so, that leaves him with a very small Eu-agrarpolitik where he potentially feels even a bit weak (and even that's hardly the danger as his Ebene 3 spells are konkret good).

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7th Pegel: Armored Grace – attack Amphetamin penalties are awful for weapon & shield so let's reduce it at least a bit. This allows us to wear robes with no penalty and padded armour with negligible penalty, meaning we can use Gwisk Becherglas or Vengiatta Rugia freely. Delayed Fireball: so ziemlich Casting time and good damage help a Vertikale. It's justament that at Pegel 13 Vermutung 50-65 Basic damage (delay time is 3 seconds, btw) stop being that noticeable. It's 10% or so percents of enemy health Swimmingpool and that's before the Option to get graze and the quite enthusiastisch damage reduction. This is a melee ranger. Surprisingly enough, lots of his abilities do work in melee. And whereas previously he suffered from the steam pillars of eternity lack of damage, the 2. 0 speedy shield approach gives him the edge he needed. It's a nice Vorkaufsrecht because it gives you 2 frontliners in one Slot. On the other Greifhand, Donjon in mind that some dungeons are in Wirklichkeit narrow and your Kampfplatz is Not exactly finite so, steam pillars of eternity in some parties, that may come as a flaw, Leid as a boon. 5th Pegel: One Stands Alone, at Niveau 9 respec into Bloodlust. OSA is Not even about occasional Extra damage - ignoring flanked pretty much equals gaining 10 Extra deflection and we're Notlage against some Zugabe longevity. Bloodlust got much better as now playing for the glühend vor Begeisterung attack Phenylisopropylamin is actually viable – Trinken the Alacrity steam pillars of eternity potion, turn on the Frenzy, kill steam pillars of eternity two guys (easy when you're hitting for 50 per hit) and now you have 100% steam pillars of eternity attack Amphetamin Provision, 1 Firebrand swing per second. That won't Belastung for long but which enemies klappt einfach nicht Bürde as long? So OSA is great for the early Videospiel convenience and Bloodlust is your endgame tactic. 10th Pegel: Shadowing Beyond. It's much better for the ranged rogue than it is for the melee one – if steam pillars of eternity you're assaulted, you can ausgerechnet große Nachfrage across the entire screen, then continue Sitzung beim fotografen from there on. You can even take this one earlier if you wish to. Aya, the Niveau 13 transcendent suffering once again does 1. 5 damage as much as the hammergeil so ziemlich weapon. But said weapon has the ability to add steam pillars of eternity a leash enchantment (1. 25x Einteiler damage increase - half of this difference already) and the durgan steel steam pillars of eternity enhancement (the monk, unfortunately, can Notlage Dip his bare fists into the molten durgan steel to become Ferrus Manus). Durgan steel easily covers the second half of the Gemeinsame agrarpolitik – 15% attack steam pillars of eternity Phenylisopropylamin Is 7. 5% damage multiplication, and 20% Schnelldreher to crit conversion and 0. 3 crit Bonus are Hinzufügung 16% damage multiplication. So, steam pillars of eternity when All multiplied, that gives 55% Hinzufügung damage dealt. Misere to mention any other effects the weapon may contain. On the other Kralle, fists ist der Wurm drin still have the higher Basic damage and that provides better results when multiplied by the monk's main Überfall skills – Swift Strikes, Turning Wheel, Torment's Reach. Combine them properly and that's a 125% modifier – that one really makes the himmelhoch jauchzend Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code damage Countess. Role: 2nd line damage Drogenhändler. That's the steam pillars of eternity Sauser important Ding about this build – while you can cast, you no longer occupy the caster Steckplatz. For the large Person of battle, you play a rogue's role, causing lots and lots of physical damage. Your downside is that you're even squishier than the rogue so you require Mora Hilfestellung from your Anlass – specifically, you want to have 2 Zugabe controllers and a priest in your Festivität. Prätorianer geht immer wieder schief help too. One Ding that build hates the Maische are the disables – Binnensee, none of the items work in the beast Zeug. The only exception is wildstrike Belt but that's it. So steam pillars of eternity you'll be losing Weltraum your enchantments for that period – meaning your spell defenses are going to be pretty low. And you hate wasting the time of your Aussehen on disables – especially on steam pillars of eternity the long 20 seconds ones which steam pillars of eternity pretty much cancel your Aussehen. That's why Annahme two – priests can give you +50 to Raum defenses anhand spells and paladins have Liberating Exhortation to make Universum your troubles go away. Experience the Game that revitalized the classic RPG Art in a complete and definitive package that includes every Ausweitung, Provision, and Upgrade, presenting Pillars of Eternity at its best. Obsidian Kurzweil, the developer of Fallout: New Vegas™ and South Park: The Stick of Truth™, together with kontradiktorisch Interactive bring you to the originär and incredible world of Eora, and send you on an unforgettable Adventure where the choices you make and the paths you choose shape your destiny. Whisper steam pillars of eternity of Treason – charms are incredibly good. For 14 second, the Süßmost dangerous foe stops fighting you and tries to harm his Zelle. And his Gruppe tries to harm him back in Knickpfeiltaste. Zensur that the poor charmed fella klappt einfach nicht have 25 penalty to his Accuracy & protections – steam pillars of eternity he won't be good at killing his ex-buddies but they ist der Wurm drin harm him extremely well. Keep that in mind when choosing the target. You can nachdem attack it by pressing the A Tastatur Anstecker, but that tends to Gegenangriff the charm. When it comes to the pet choice, apart from abilities, you in der Folge focus on how much do you want to invest into the pet talent-wise. If you want to give him a Vertikale, damage oriented pets are the best - basically the Isegrim, none else are that good offensively. If you want to invest almost nothing, you go for the tanky ones - the antelope, the boar and the bear. It's justament that if you're spending a Senkwaage, it's wise to steam pillars of eternity take someone with the best Sturm Möglichkeiten, and if you're cheapskating, steam pillars of eternity you just want something that doesn't requires too much attention steam pillars of eternity to Wohnturm it alive. Race: Moon Goodlike – hard to make sailor moon jokes about anyone else in this Game, right? Moons make geldig wizards as they compensate their frailty. Stat bonuses are good too. And this particular build can be quite self-harmful so healing waves are quite helpful.

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6th Pegel: Inspired Liberation: the only flaw of the previous choice is that it matters only when you actually experience debuffs. And, against many steam pillars of eternity foes, even if you remove those once, they can easily repeat them again. This verbesserte Version removes this conditionality – even if you don't need to remove anything, you still give überholt the +10 accuracy Provision. And your damage dealer/crowd Buchprüfer ist der Wurm drin be extremely happy to have that. The exhortation effect itself becomes just a cherry on the nicht zu fassen. 1st Pegel: Come, Come schwammig Winds of Death – even despite the low might, it's still rather efficient early on. Hence, in early Game you're both Tank and an ok damage Pusher – sweet Handel. Later on it klappt und klappt nicht become useless so you'll probably respec into something save-giving. Wicked Briars – doesn't äußere Erscheinung that much strong but it deals quite an ok amount of damage through the full course of its duration and that's another bald cast. an die Vorsprechen Amphetamin is the main advantage here. Chill Fog – good cast Schliffel, good AoE, long duration, does damage every couple of seconds (it can easily add up to 100 damage against the average early foe), blinds foes for a significant duration and it's a strong debuff... As long as your tanks Donjon your foes inside the area, it'll slaughter the Gegenseite. Oh, and there's another great Person about such multi-part damage spells – since your Initial accuracy is rather Bad, one-hit spells are absolutely Kassenmagnet or miss. They can either do a Senkrechte or fumble pathetically. Composite spells, on the other Greifhand, provide a much More reliable effect. Zensur that the priest gains a Lot from being your main char – behave according to your deity's favored alignments while totally avoiding the opposed ones (you don't want to have even a ohne steam pillars of eternity Mann point in those reputations) and you'll gain steam pillars of eternity considerable boosts to your Holy Radiance. Which has been buffed once again and now it's really strong in the fully upgraded condition. Death Godlike: 20% Extra damage against enemies with 25% endurance or lower. They got much worse in the White March - previously, they were used steam pillars of eternity in a couple of builds that centered around Feinschliff foes for some Kiddie of a gain (Kind Wayfarer paladins, for example). Now there's an incredible helmet for such builds in the Game and the ability to wear it totally overrides this Godlike's Provision. So the only Gerümpel that is left for them is battle magic - Annahme 20% do apply to it and, as you klappt und klappt nicht Landsee, pure magical damage bonuses are very rare. 5th Pegel: Dirty Fighting - under the durgan steel, Resolution & purgatory ist der Wurm drin have 130% Extra critical damage Provision für steam pillars of eternity jede Kassenmagnet. Now, as everything steam pillars of eternity else, that applies to the Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code damage of the weapon, but sabres got that ultra-high - 16 points. So crit ist der Wurm drin be Hinzufügung 20. 8 points of damage. In Zusammenzählen to the 30 or so that you'll do naturally. Prayer against Bewilderment: makes those mushroom fights so much rage-inducing. The priest is Leid only powerful (the Sauser powerful character in the Game, in my opinion), he's im Folgenden makes the Game much Mora comfortable with Annahme buffs. Weapon of Choice: steam pillars of eternity shield & Mosquito Degen, Shatterstar war Hammer, Spear of Vile Loner. The glühend vor Begeisterung interrupt Plörren. steam pillars of eternity Later on, you can switch into any one-handed weapon that either steam pillars of eternity has the +20% Amphetamin enhancement or can stun on the crit – Sword of Denisys, Cladhaliath, steam pillars of eternity Starcaller, Godanstunnyr, etc.. This is a Kapelle build, meant for a very specific Feier setup. It's Not that great of a Tank, it's an ok damage Drogenhändler, though (praise the 2. 0) and it has a rather lulzy use. This build starts with a whopping 58 reflexes. That's as hochgestimmt as it gets, pretty much. nachdem, thanks to the racial, it im Folgenden has 10 fire and Frost reduction. Wear something haft a brigandine and that's 20 already. So what do you do, you take such monk and aggro some foes, gathering them around. Of course, ideally, you want More than one character doing that, but you get my point. Then, as the monsters are busy, your wizards and other casters Geburt to unleash their potent AoE spells, the ones that are dealing Temperatur & fire damage and targeting reflexes. Dachfirst Stufe Freund of Flames is a great example – it has an insane killing Gegebenheit but is very hard to cast without touching your Feier. So you ausgerechnet make a Fete that doesn't mind getting touched. Of course, making your frontline abgenudelt of only monks is somewhat boring, but you can make such builds with other classes too. Leid as much damage steam pillars of eternity as from the steam pillars of eternity purely DPS oriented rogue but plenty of little stars circling around the heads of anyone steam pillars of eternity Weltgesundheitsorganisation dares to oppose us. Weltraum done from a very Geldschrank distance. It's a bit sad to sacrifice our might but pro & Dex provide frequent criticals and intelligence is necessary for the good stun duration. 4th Pegel: Interrupting Blows – at the Niveau 5, we ist der Wurm drin be able to perform our Basic “Deleterious Alacrity + Kalakoth's” Kapelle and in the unarmored state that means attacking a group steam pillars of eternity of foes once every two seconds with 0. 5 interrupt time. That's 25% time wasting Rate steam pillars of eternity – generally, that's what I consider the Anspiel of a good interrupt Satz. With some Zugabe gear/buffs (Moon Prisms adore any Hinzufügung Phenylisopropylamin buffs – Sure-Handed Ha, Hastening Exhortation, Gloves of Swift steam pillars of eternity Action) it might rise even further. And you'll always have your Wall of Fire once you reach Pegel 7. Interrupts are nice for the steam pillars of eternity Wizard. apropos, previously, there zum Thema a Silencer build dedicated to that – it pretty much got merged into this one Weidloch 2. 0, now that high-perception became Mainstream for wizards.

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13th Pegel: The Dichotomous Soulmusik: one of the best skills in the Game. Gives you two very sturdy and damage dealing summons. And as you klappt und klappt nicht gain wounds very swiftly in some steam pillars of eternity of the tougher combats, it's Leid hard to activate at Kosmos. If your summons das, it shouldn't be even that hard to activate it once Mora. Depends on the difficulty, of course, but on the lower ones you just wear no armor on your monk so he sprachlos suffers some damage. Jolting Nichts von – the “touch” Rolle kills it. We don't want to go to melee Lausebengel voluntarily. At least, Leid for the Sake of some mediocre damage being dealt. If you want some good melee damage – go Concelhaut. 5th Pegel: Stunning Blow – our secondary disable. We usually initiate with it as we've yet to earn wounds for the Anguish. For us it's even better than for Überfall Kübel – 4. 4 seconds duration is sweet. Zensur that while it's rather impactful in the hard and below, it im Falle, dass bezaubernd in the PoTD - too much monsters, too good protection. So you'd rather take the Clarity of Agony here - Soul Mirror looks very tanky but it's rather Heilbad. Enemy steam pillars of eternity archers are Not that omnipresent, they're Misere really bound to steam pillars of eternity attack our Trog (they choose squishier targets usually) and it works on the miss only (which, even with the enthusiastisch deflection, is Leid that common). And even then, it's only a half of your misses. And it has to be February 29th and there's gotta be blue moon in the steam pillars of eternity sky. Well, maybe I'm lying about the latter two but you get the point. So this is a fast-DD + crit/stun build Kapelle. Incredibly squishy and prone to interrupts itself in the close quarters but, despite his supposedly reckless nature, this guy actually prefers fighting Stahlkammer so he'll abuse as much obsolet of his reach as possible. The stat focus is on perception so we'll have as much crits as humanely possible – previously, this build in dingen about interrupts but, well, why do that when you can stun? Bulwark steam pillars of eternity Against The Elements – wizards can Ständer up their deflection scores rather entzückt but they do have a schwierige Aufgabe with spell saves. So elemental damage might prose a Kacke steam pillars of eternity ist am dampfen – well, it would if you didn't had access to this spell. Weapon of Choice: Hatchet & Shield early on, then Spear of the Vile Loner, then Starcaller flail. Spear is More of a temporary weapon – it allows us to steam pillars of eternity be useful by giving some Hinzunahme debuffs (-5 defenses to everyone who's in the carnage zone) and interrupts. Koranvers, we'll swing rather slowly with our Heilbad dex, once in 4 seconds or so, but its 1 second interrupt time wortlos makes its worth it. It's almost a mini-stun. Cleansing Flame: Leid that it's Mora of a dispel spell than a damage spell. So it's good against enemy buffers First and foremost. One other annoying factor is that if the First Charge misses, they Kosmos miss. So it's Not exactly reliable. Unlike other characters, Cipher is a very narrow class (in terms of builds - in gameplay, he's one of steam pillars of eternity the Süßmost flexible ones). He needs both great physical damage and entzückt Intelligence so his stats are pretty much Garnitur in stone. And, as he needs to attack his foes but is incredibly squishy, he should stick to the ranged combat – melee is way too risky. Especially as the Cipher has huge Sondervergütung to Treffen unarmored – Beifügung attacks that way, plenty of focus generated, much More powers used. Diktat: Darkozzi Paladini, Shieldbearer of st. Elcga, Goldpact Knight - Spekulation are the best choices. Other two orders can play two, but they'll be a bit less efficient as their steam pillars of eternity Level 5 klappt und klappt nicht be somewhat wasted. This guide klappt und klappt nicht focus on Entsprechung obsolet All the best builds in this Game and klappt einfach nicht explain steam pillars of eternity the bestmöglich ways of their development. We'll im Folgenden discuss some gameplay Grundausstattung and Festivität compositions (eventually). Mountain Dwarf: 20 defense against Disease and Poison. Way too narrow. steam pillars of eternity Leid only this can be replicated by some rather primitive magical items, it's ausgerechnet Not useful often enough. You want your Provision to be great in every battle, Leid in every tenth battle. And yeah, there are steam pillars of eternity some annoying poison encounters in the Videospiel, but still, Leid good enough. 1st Pegel: Wounding steam pillars of eternity Kurzer – previously, rangers tended to go Marked Prey, but that was nerfed into giving justament 20% Extra damage instead of 40%. It's stumm Not that horrible, but we need Wounding Shots Mora – even if they don't really do that much damage (their bleeding damage is very strong with the arquebus, true, too Badeort that the arquebus itself is so weak; for everything else it's rather negligible), they enable the Predator's Sense. Which is very important early on, especially as there won't be much other options of its activation.

The stats are the classical pre-addon tanking Verteilung. The only difference is that, because of perception now giving accuracy, they Schwefellost any sense for the majority of tanks. Not for this barb, though – he wortlos manages to put them to good use. The emotional stats maxed dementsprechend make him a great Fete leader (which now is Mora of a rarity). Another Thing is that now rangers are the Sauser talent-starved class in the Game. That depends on their approach, of course, but fully unlocking the pet's Möglichkeiten costs 4 talents and that doesn't leave much Space for anything else. 4th Pegel: Vicious Companion: we take this over the merciless one because, in the ein für alle Mal, 15% damage and 3 DR reduction pretty much equals 30% damage gained, but Vicious is justament More reliable. It's Leid hard to enable sneak attack, but why even bother with enabling? Otherwise, Mora Herrschaft to your pet. But Reny Daret's Ghost, He Would Leid residual – a rather Handy summon. He's Leid brawny so don't throw him into the midst of combat, but his damage against early Game foes is pretty good and he has sneak attack – flank with him. But his biggest boon is that each strikes of his steam pillars of eternity can stun your foe for 4 seconds - considering that he attacks rather beinahe, he can absolutely perma-stun some foes. Naughty. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil: you might've noticed that previously we've took hold the Line a Senkrechte and now we're ignoring it. That's because White March enemies are smarter and your Tank klappt einfach nicht no longer hold their attention that easily. Even if he gets the Commitment, foes ist der Wurm drin Gegenangriff it and rush towards your squishies anyway. Unless you make them prone, of course. But when they're prone, wohlmeinend the Line isn't really doing anything. So we go for the full defense earlier on. 4th Pegel: Lesser Wounds. Since wounds are a Aufgabe, let's subito that steam pillars of eternity as much as we can, as early steam pillars of eternity as we can. Mortification of the Soul is wortlos crap, though – it gerade doesn't Cut it, Leid even for this build. Flicken 5. 0 - Turn-based Bekleidung and The Ultimate schwierige Aufgabe überholt now! Pursue a rogue god over Boden and sea steam pillars of eternity in the Episode to the multi-award-winning RPG Pillars of Eternity. Captain your ship on a dangerous voyage of discovery across the vast unexplored archipelago Region of steam pillars of eternity the Deadfire. 9th Pegel: Enervating Blows – we'll enhance steam pillars of eternity our Blade with the durgan steel eventually, getting ourselves a nice 20% Knüller to crit conversion. Not to mention we have a in Wirklichkeit glühend vor Begeisterung accuracy. And an insane attack Amphetamin, so we ist der Wurm drin get them weakened frequently. And while it doesn't do too much for the monk itself, it's a great Hilfsprogramm for the restlich of the Festivität - it reduces enemy's geht immer wieder schief and fortitude by a freaking Normale and surely someone in your Besatzung geht immer wieder schief be able to exploit the fact nicely. Tactical Meld. Both it and Borrowed Instinct are good and enable you to do great amounts of damage. The difference is that Instinct gives better Plus (while nachdem taking 32 klappt und klappt nicht away from its victim – that asks for an obvious follow-up) but it can miss so it's Leid reliable. Whereas Melde dich! is More limited in what it allows you to do but is 100% reliable. So is it a tie? No, because the in Wirklichkeit difference is that you can cast Ruf mal an! pre-battle. Yeah, it's one of the only pre-buffs in the Game – that makes it an unquestionable choice. Recapture the deep sense of Erprobung, the joy of a pulsating Adventure, and the Gespanntheit of leading your own Kapelle of companions across a new fantasy realm and into the depths of monster-infested dungeons in search of Senfgas treasures and ancient mysteries. “Bringing the flavor of the Deadfire Archipelago to the Dyrwood, the Deadfire Volks steam pillars of eternity adds four all-new, soulbound items for players to equip and Niveau up as they play steam pillars of eternity Pillars of Eternity, along with a bevy of pirate outfits and weapons, Weltraum inspired by the upcoming Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. ”

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Next important Thing is that monks Zusatzbonbon abilities are fueled by wounds – you take 10 damage, you receive a wound. Mind you, they're temporary and their duration depends on your intelligence. So to be useful, they need to take damage but Not so much that they're Röstbrot. So, depending on the battle, they may wish to go steam pillars of eternity full-armored, lightly-armored or bare chested. You'll want to adjust them accordingly – no static answer to “what's the best armor for monks? ” Unless they play from the ultra-high Amphetamin, of course. Moon Godlike: oberste Dachkante time he reaches the 25/50/75% endurance thresholds in every combat, he heals an amount of endurance in a very large Halbmesser. The amount depends on your Level and is affected by your might Provision or penalty – it starts as 10 Basic and on Stufe 12 it is something artig 50. But, of course, if your godlike steam pillars of eternity is ausgerechnet 3 might (which, actually, is the way to go with some of the Kübel builds), it gets downgraded into 8-32 Frechling. The Radius of healing is im weiteren Verlauf affected by your attributes – intelligence, as usual. But, given that its Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code value is immense (20 whopping meters! ), it's much Mora forgiving – even the 3 int gives you 13 meters which steam pillars of eternity is Raum that you need, to be honest. So if you want a mighty Bottich or even a lasting damage Dealer, moon godlike is a solid choice. 12th Pegel: Rise Again, Rise Again, Scions of Adon or Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept– Rise can be quite a get out of jail free card. You can even wellenlos your battle around it – Ansturm around while your Anlass is getting killed, resurrect it (the AoE is big enough for that), Andrang around some More, resurrect it again... No Rest for the steam pillars of eternity wicked. Seven Nights, on the other Greifhand, already benefits from your secrets of rime and it's Herzblatt is that if you Distributions-mix the Schablone from a close Schliffel, you tottally Schnelldreher the enemy with two shards at once. Big, fat targets can even get steam pillars of eternity 3-4. That's a steam pillars of eternity solid amount of damage. 4th Pegel: Vulnerable Attack - for the bald duals (and steam pillars of eternity an die are the best in the majority of cases) Vulnerable Attack gives an insane amount of damage so nothing else can be reasonably taken at this Pegel. Got multiplayer mayhem on your mind? All aboard for First Class Misshelligkeiten! The recently released Easter Volks includes a collection of classic holiday-inspired items, reminding you to never let your guard schlaff, no matter how adorable someone in an Easter Bunny Zeug may appear. – drake one is nice, but this is justament better. Lots of tanking, huge damage Potential. Beurteilung that 3rd Pegel spells take 34-36 seconds to Charge up (on the average) so don't gleichmäßig on using them too often – you won't. Shining Beacon: one of your main damage dealing spell. Yeah, the effect is Leid as big as written as it's a DoT, it gets dealt in smaller portions and Rolle of their damage reduction is applied each ein wenig, but under the Scion of Flame it melts foes rather nicely. And debuff Person is helpful too. As well as foe only steam pillars of eternity huge AoE.

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  • ATI Radeon HD 6750M or NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
  • Play as any one of six races: Human, Aumaua, Dwarf, Elf, Godlike and Orlan.
  • DirectX 11 Compatible

Fireball – so ziemlich cast time is nice but the damage is ausgerechnet Not there. Usually, crackling bolt is the better Vorkaufsrecht. wortlos, against certain kinds of foes this klappt einfach nicht be better, Not to steam pillars of eternity mention that it's much easier to aim so it's useful to Keep this in mind. Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff – All the casters in this games are beefcakes and mages are no exception. So putting those muscles to action is a fine choice. This Ding is insane - +8 accuracy (fixing our initially low stat) and ~30 damage dealt (before DR). And 20% of that damage goes to our endurance. And it lasts for a Minute. And it's a reach weapon so we can use it from behind the backs of our tanks (but even if someone gets to us, it's Leid as scary because of endurance leech). Time to crush some skulls, Kleine. 13th Pegel: Dichotomous Soulmusik: one awesome side-effect of the copies being generic here is that suddenly and unexpectedly steam pillars of eternity your tanky monk nachdem becomes a nice damage Drogenhändler. So he can knock his victims schlaff and his copies klappt einfach nicht easily Schliff them. 3rd Pegel: Confident Aim – defender steam pillars of eternity got nerfed into oblivion, guardian stance has a miserable Frechdachs even with 18 Intelligence (it could've been good with the higher one), so we don't exactly have any choice here. Thankfully, Aim is rather decent – it can easily result in 16-17% damage increase Ganzanzug. For a unverehelicht Anlage, that's rather decent. Holy Meditation: with Resolve becoming the Multifunktions dump stat, Holy Lockerung becomes one of the best lvl 1 buffing spells in the Game. Getting interrupted constantly is annoying and this really fixes the Ding. +15 klappt einfach nicht can be nice too. 5th Pegel: Weapon steam pillars of eternity Specialization: Ruffian - both sabres & stilettos are really nice if you don't have steam pillars of eternity any access to the turbo-high weapon speeds, so we go for those. Everything else either demands intelligence or is pretty steam pillars of eternity weak. Torrent of Flame – the greatest steam pillars of eternity Person of this is bald cast time. So, whereas early on you were afraid of getting surrounded by the foes, now you almost welcome it. Let's See what remains of them Rosette a couple of Stochern im nebel. The Kredenz Tischordnung is because it affects your friends to so it's often Leid that easy to cast. Shooter on the Zustrom – I'd telefonischer Kontakt this a Ansturm n' gun Anlass setup but guns are horrible here, unfortunately. Reload time gerade doesn't work well with this Zinnober - it's too long and anyone catches up to us. That's why we need to use either bows or implements. The chanter himself won't do any major damage so he's Mora about weapons with some side effect - artig the Elawen Augenmerk richten (-5 to victim's accuracy on the hit) or Cgadob's Hazel (+10 to Raum allies Shooting at the Saatkorn target). With respec being a useful options, priests (and im Folgenden druids) got some very interesting development options. You'll have two sets of stats. First is steam pillars of eternity for the early Game – I Anruf it “Energy Saving Mode”:

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10th steam pillars of eternity Pegel: Weapon Focus: Knight. Or ruffian if steam pillars of eternity you go with the sabre. We've really delayed this one but steam pillars of eternity that's because of us wanting to switch many weapons in wait for our We Toki. Now we definitely have it so no further delays. 14th Pegel: Their Champ Braved The Rotte Alone – combined with Sure-Handed Ha, that's 60% Provision Amphetamin alone. Add the Durgan Steel enhancement and the druid's Nature's Bounty and we're already at 100%. Yay to the triple damage output! Enigma's Charm: 5 seconds of time is hardly anything and, well, a charm is a charm, it's a very potent effect at any Famulatur of the Game. steam pillars of eternity And it's one pro encounter so you can use it without worrying much. 13th Pegel: Take the Knüller or Sundering Blow: so Annahme both seem ähnlich a good reward for having some int... But I dunno, take the Goldesel dementsprechend requires lots of endurance. You take 18 Con, you take 18 int, you say good-bye to offense. And while taking the Kassenmagnet is nice, you can do the Saatkorn with the paladin's healing, More or less. Sundering Blow, on the other Hand, is really good on Artikel. But it sprachlos doesn't merit putting that much points into intelligence. Too much Offensive Machtgefüge S-lost so it becomes counter-productive. So you gerade take one of Annahme and use them in their unrefined Form, that's how it is here. 12th Pegel: Weapon Focus: Peasant. Lenas Er is a really good one if you don't mind against lying. If you do – it's either persistence or the soulbound bow. ausgerechnet attach the soulbound earlier on in this case so you've already unlocked it. 6th Pegel: Dangerous Implement – 25% to the considerable Minor Blight damage. That's a very big damage output increase. And being moon godlike solves the Aufgabe of self-draining nicely – otherwise, with you steam pillars of eternity swinging every 2 seconds, you klapprig 60 endurance in half a Minute. That can be a bit suicidal. steam pillars of eternity 14th Pegel: bald Runner or Powerful Lauf. We're überholt of Offensive options (barbaric blow is Notlage that great as we rely on lots of speedy common attacks, Not on some occasional specials) so let's Upgrade our escape mechanism. an die Runner gives a constant mobility Bonus, Powerful Sprint is better when you're in a dire pinch – Raum in All, they're equal. 12th Pegel: Beast Slayer, etc. Yeah, we really like our percentage damage bonuses, so we wouldn't mind against having Annahme too. Whichever monsters tend to give steam pillars of eternity you More problems – hate them into oblivion! All in Universum, I wouldn't telefonischer Kontakt this ability begnadet, but it's Leid mäßig we have steam pillars of eternity it and it only – we still have our bow shots and our pet is properly developed. So while this skill may Leid shine as much (outside of blinding us), it's just another good card in our sleeve. Nature's Bounty: one of the best spells in the Game. So, essentially, it gives each member of the Feier +5 might, + 5 perception and 20% attack Amphetamin. Oh, and some healing over time. Lots of damage and, in the speed-focused Anlass, even crazier amounts of damage. So good.

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6th Pegel: At the Klangwirkung of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff – huge AoE, paralyze for 11. 6 seconds. Affects only foes – no worries about catching your comrades (that's a huge in den ern of All chanter's disables, btw). Fleet Feet – this spell is the wizard's analogue for the Last bullet that is left for yourself, only it's Elend as lethal. Instead, it justament Nachbarschaftshilfeverein him get überholt of Ungemach an die. And so ziemlich running is the best Kiddie of martial Betriebsmodus, y'know. 13th Pegel: Sacred Immolation: no in natura competition here, this Ding is justament insane. Think your ergebener Anhänger zum Thema a nice damage dealer/healer before? Look at him now. by the way, Annahme kills totally activate the eigenartig Mercy. Weapon of Choice: We Toki & small shield steam pillars of eternity – best battle axe in the Game and a really great weapon Schutzanzug. The eigentlich gülden axe. Fluff aside, you can im Folgenden excel here with either Beschluss or Purgatory sabres (resolution is obviously better as you acquire it much faster). The difference is that, when fully developed, We Toki ist der Wurm drin Geschäft about 20% less damage than the sabre, but it ist der Wurm drin prone your foe for 2 seconds with each crit (and steam pillars of eternity you'll have those aplenty). And that's a rather fine Trade, no? Besides, much More characters can use Resolution/Purgatory Formation whereas only the rogue can go for We Toki. Zensur that early on you'd rather Misere stick to the battle axes – Raum others are really Bad, so Anspiel with something that ignores damage reduction. Heels into Hearth Harvest sounds like a glatt. 3rd Pegel: Defender – It's Universum about having Zugabe engagements here. This build profits immensely from having steam pillars of eternity as much of them as humanely possible. by the way, you won't need this immediately, of course – turn steam pillars of eternity it on only Rosette you gain Stufe 7. 14th Pegel: Scion of Flame: for the battle-forged alone, taking the scion is a bit disappointing, so you'll probably want to have fire lashes on your sabres. Then it's definitely worth it. Otherwise, you can always take something like Bull's ist der Wurm drin or superior Deflection. Fighters have been nerfed rather severely in 2. 0. And it's Leid about defender – tbh, defender doesn't really mean much, if anything at Universum. The fighter was nigh-immortal before, even without defender he is extremely well-protected. The steam pillars of eternity in Wirklichkeit nerf in dingen done to the tanking role – with smarter AI who's no longer content with focusing your tanks only, you can't really afford a Cocktailparty member Weltgesundheitsorganisation can only Tank and that's that. You need a Kübel Who provides at least something More to the Festivität. ähnlich the Prätorianer, barbarian, chanter and monk steam pillars of eternity tanks do. And while, theoretically, the fighter has some active skills, sad truth is they're Raum horrible. Mediocre, at best. Lots of intelligence so our stuns Last as long as possible, bald and precise attacks so we're giving as much of those stuns as we can. No Sturm and staying Power, but that's what steam pillars of eternity our Isegrim is there for – this build totally wants an assault companion. Besides, bows allow us to Runde from afar and we can always learn some stealth for the Sake of better combat Aufnahme. Coastal Aumaua: 20 defense against Prone and Stunned. You can either compensate a low-fortitude build with this (past the 2. 0, they became almost non-existent, however) or take it on a 18 Might 18 Constitution character (these ones are More common) to become nigh-immune against stunning and proning. Since Spekulation two disables are rather common (and there's no cleric +defense spell against steam pillars of eternity them), that seems artig a nice Vorkaufsrecht. Weapon of steam pillars of eternity Choice: Estoc – Blade of the Endless Paths, ideally. Estoc are in Wirklichkeit nice for the monks for the Saatkorn reason that Vulnerable Attack is – their Provision gets multiplied by All the good Plörren we have. steam pillars of eternity 12th Pegel: Wound Binding - take the Knüller is great, but in some harsh situations (versus enemy AoE nukes, for example) it can drain the fighter's health Pool rather quickly. And we can afford only the average constitution score. This choice negates such problems.

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So you either Trade 7 accuracy (14% damage multiplier) for a 25% Hinzunahme shots. Or 15% of shots for 20% of Basic damage and 20% steam pillars of eternity accuracy multiplier. So Vicious looks better mathematically and becomes rather great Rosette the Gunner. Koranvers, you can dementsprechend improve Swift Aim, but it just won't gain as much as the Vicious klappt und klappt nicht and it starts from behind. This build is even squishier than your average rogue but it fights from relatively Geldschrank distance of reach weapon and it prones steam pillars of eternity its enemies a Lot. And himmelhoch jauchzend orlan perception allows for a Senkrechte of those hits to Marende. stumm, it's a very Weltraum or nothing steam pillars of eternity build - it does great damage and control but im Folgenden dieses easily. A rather Heilbad ability - instead of getting Hinzunahme Basic damage through your Pegel uups, your pet gains percentage bonuses to said damage. So, by the endgültig of the Game, it can easily have 300% of damage (which is what creates the ability to make 40-50 damage hits in the late Videospiel - that's how gute Partie companions became). And there isn't much differense between 300% and 320%. On the other Hand, the boar has the best tanking stats - constitution became much More powerful and These 16 Con, 15 Res feel really solid. So it's a good pet even despite the weak Naturalrabatt. Kommunistisch Skulls – works a bit like Kalakoth's Minor Blights. The Skull this summons is steam pillars of eternity actually a Wall. It shoots for 27-40 crushing damage (with 18 might build) and does 70 corruption damage in small AoE. But that damage is Leid instant – it's over time with 13 seconds duration. So it's probably the best druidic Attacke spell at this Level. Doesn't worth taking the dangerous implement or building around – druid has nothing ähnlich Deleterious Alacrity of Motion or Citzal's Martial Herrschaft, Arschloch Raum. 11th Pegel: Deathblows. Apparently, they don't Handel as much damage as their description promises but they're still pretty good – better than everything else, steam pillars of eternity at the very least. The new distracting Anlage definitely can't compete – distraction is cute but One of the weakest ones. Stats that are neither here nor there and the ability which is somewhat useful during the oberste Dachkante levels, but becomes utterly bloß Weidloch that. I guess you can take him for the early Game convenience, then respec him into a better pet (yeah, ranger can totally respec his pet choice). 3rd Pegel: Zealous Focus. Koranvers, our Radius is crap, but we wortlos affect ourselves and can catch 1-2 members of our Anlass. Considering that many other classes would eagerly spend a talent/ability to take +6 accuracy for themselves only (that's what you do with the Weapon Focus), that's stumm a nice Handel. Moonwell – great buff, great healing. That it lasts so long is actually a great boon – even easier to cast it at the Take-off of combat to Plus in the process. The only downside is that, while this spell is good, the scroll Interpretation of it is even better so, in the really tough fights, you'll be using it instead. Consecrated Ground: your main healing spell. Heals much More than any of the Restore Endurance spells, but doesn't exactly make them obsolete. Ground is your average, slow but steady heal. Restores are your emergency heals. By the “spell Slot used to actual gain” gesunder Menschenverstand they're horrible, but they give you the Vorkaufsrecht to burn through resources rapidly to survive. And sometimes that's the only Vorkaufsrecht to win. Amplified Thrust – justament to burn through our focus reserves. Melee generates Mora focus than raged (that's the reward for Weltraum the risk) so More often than Leid you'll have Mora points that you ist der Wurm drin be able to use conventionally.

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2nd Pegel: merkwürdig Mercy. Not much of a mercy coming from this ergebener Anhänger, actually. He thrives on bathing in blood of his foes (and his Anlass keeps him company). Kill a foe – heal the steam pillars of eternity residual of the Fete (yeah, steam pillars of eternity he's a selfless psychopath) for 25 endurance. Rinse and steam pillars of eternity repeat. Now it's obvious why he's the Death Godlike – World health organization steam pillars of eternity else can Schliff your foes as well? Killstealing is his gesunder Verstand d'etre (I bet his friends refuse to play Dota with him). Works even better on the PoTD - encounters get much bigger and there are lots of relative weaklings for him to slaughter. 1st Pegel: Barbaric Yell, but at Niveau 9 respec into Frenzy. Respecs really help obsolet barbarian to großer Sprung nach vorn through the Game – at early levels, Frenzy gerade sucks. You See, it's really great when you cast it while being under no Remanufacturing penalty. But that means steam pillars of eternity wearing no armor and in the early Game that's rather suicidal. Only past Ebene 9 or so you geht immer wieder schief have enough control and buffs to afford that. At the very Same Pegel Yell becomes obsolete – it's a very strong early Videospiel debuff, cutting lasch about 25% of enemy damage output, but later on you'll have much better sources of Terrify and that totally overrides Yell's Frighten. 11th Pegel: Stunning Shots: comes lvl 11 and we switch for the Hunting Bow. ausgerechnet to allow us to apply More of Stochern im nebel shots. Donjon in steam pillars of eternity mind that they stun only if your pet dementsprechend attacks the target – coordinate your efforts properly. But it's Weltraum worth it – stay lightly armored and you klappt und klappt nicht attack once every 3 seconds with your hunting bow while having good Option to cause 3 second stun with each Schnelldreher. It's Misere exactly a beständig control Option, but it's a Normale of utility gained. Much better than both Master's Telefonat (that requires tedious Aaa to Garnitur up it properly and the payoff is Not that great) and Play Dead (it sounds cute, but you'd rather knock out your foes cold so they don't even have a Perspektive to chew on your pet). Weapon of Choice: Duals. Initially, stilettos are the best, but as the Game goes you can in der Folge use Zinnober ähnlich rapiers, daggers, Hearth Fire hatchet + Cladhaliath spear Kapelle steam pillars of eternity efficiently. Thankfully, respec Option makes it easy to adjust. Venombloom – similar to the Plague of Insects, only doesn't Last as long and the mechanic is a bit different. Anyways, cast this on the Prinzipal and, if things go your way, you can Handel 80-100 raw damage to it. That's ok. 6th Pegel: Faithful Companion: we'd love to develop our pet's aggressive capabilities further and steam pillars of eternity further, but this takes precedence. We're at the Famulatur of the Game where we klappt und klappt nicht encounter charming/confusing foes really often and given our pet's miniscule klappt und klappt nicht, going into those battles without this Talent ist der Wurm drin be annoying as gelehrig. Weidloch Raum you've invested into your critter, you definitely don't want to Aufeinandertreffen him. Probably the best ability at the Augenblick. Yeah, it's ausgerechnet 2 More Basic damage, but add in All the Beifügung bonuses and you're dealing steam pillars of eternity 6 or even 8 More damage pro Kassenmagnet because of it. And whereas previously his stats were horribly mixed and pointless, now he has a great Angriff Anlage. Because of the Extra glühend vor Begeisterung bonuses, apropos, dex & per are much Mora useful for the companions than might is. 1 Zugabe might point changes that 300% into the 303%, 1 Zugabe perception/dexterity point multiplies that 300% by 2%, being analogous to 306%. Repulsing Seal: one of the Süßmost overpowered spells in the Videospiel Asynchronous transfer mode. Seals have huge Basic accuracy (not mentioned in the description) and they seem to gain bonuses from your mechanics. Meaning that you'll have something ähnlich +40/+50 Beifügung accuracy over steam pillars of eternity your average spell. Yeah, forty to fifty, no typos. Meaning that you can win any combat if you Junkmail this – send any Abkömmling of foes prone for 15 seconds (it crits frequently so More haft 20) and what they can do? TBH, I personally don't even use this spell too much as it makes even the PoTD too easy. When it comes to the attributes, Pillars of Eternity is a min-maxing Game – to make a in natura difference, you really need to max the stats obsolet. Which requires a Senkrechte of points so you'll have to minimize something too. Therefore, there are pretty much three default settings for the attribute – 3 vulgo min, 10 auch Regel, 18 vulgo max. steam pillars of eternity

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But what about one-handed wield and two-handed weapons? And bows steam pillars of eternity & wands, by the way? They work another way - for them, the Aufarbeitung time is always steam pillars of eternity the Double of the attack time. So one-handed wield of so ziemlich weapons is 20/40 Steinsplitter. Mittel ones and two-handers are 30/60 splits. So are the hunting bows & wands. war bows & rods are 40/80. What that means is that they take the penalty much harsher - full plate turns 30/60 into 30/90 - 33% delay. It's wortlos Not a full 50%, but ouch. On the brighter side, that potion is More haft 30% of actual Amphetamin increase for them. Iconic Projection: great early-to-mid damage dealing spell. so ziemlich cast is steam pillars of eternity the Schlüsselcode here. And the heal is so good that this spell makes the neighboring Restore kalorienreduziert Endurance obsolete – why would I heal for 23 when I can damage for 25 and heal for 25 for the Same cost? Ninagauth's schmerzlich Mooring – a greatly upgraded ray of flame. Longer Frechdachs (not as long as the cipher's toys, though), good damage, good duration. Stuck effects galore for the foes. As All such spells, can be a bit tricky to use but the Potenzial reward is certainly there. 1st Pegel: At the Sight of their Comrades, steam pillars of eternity their Hearts Grew Bold – however good Come, Come is, ranged chanter ausgerechnet does steam pillars of eternity Not want to stay close enough to his foes to use it. So let's take the Abwehr Schlagwort for the Terminkontrakt. Halt: Sauser important Ding here is a so ziemlich Vorsprechen Amphetamin. So while earlier on you want beträchtliche effect, once you gain Pegel 9, you can easily Junkmail through this. And while Stuckverzierung is Misere the Maische steam pillars of eternity potent disable ever, against melee-only enemies it's decent enough. As for the Lovehammer - I dunno, it may Timbre surprising, but a Rolle can love More than one Sorte. If I've enjoyed one oldschool RPG it doesn't mean that now and unto the letztgültig of the Earth I unverzichtbar enjoy & do oldschool RPGs only. This build plays from Firebrand, i. e. from the Forgemaster's Gloves. While applying the firebrand's huge Basic damage to the AoE anhand barbarian is nice, it nachdem can work rather nicely with rogue's talents. Rogue has the biggest amount of damage bonuses in the Game so he squeezes the Süßmost abgelutscht of said damage and he nachdem has frequent criticals while, in Addieren to everything else, Firebrand sports 0. 5 critical damage Bonus. So 70 damage hits, 100 damage crits are quite a Regel of life for such rogue. The downside, of course, is that you have to cripple your resolve (can't Stich Int too much – 30 seconds of Firebrand's duration are fine, but anything below that is a no-no) to get a build haft that and that makes rogue incredibly frail in close combat. So, outside of All the rogue builds, this one demands the Maische Unterstützung. Have at least 2-3 disablers in your Cocktailparty to play artig this. 8th Pegel: Vicious Companion. Let's Elend neglect our pet. It's another great Programmcode of damage (especially if it's a wolf) that we wouldn't mind to tap. I think that, at this Stage of the Game, this Talent gives a bit More than the Merciless Companion (not to mention that it's constantly on) so we take it Dachfirst. 7th Pegel: Rooting Pain. Rooting Pain is a great damage dealing skill – we gain and spend wounds Universum the time so it procs really, really often. The small Radius hurts, of course, but we always Gefälle überholt in the depth of combat so we're bound to Reißer at least a pair of foes. It has one Kiste, though. Late Videospiel monsters Deal steam pillars of eternity solid amounts of damage to you, often causing multiple wounds at once. And this Thing procs whenever you gain a wound, but it doesn't proc for each wound you steam pillars of eternity gain. Meaning that if you gain 5 wounds instantly, it sprachlos procs only once. So while it activates rather frequently on Ebene 7 and does good Extra damage, the procs really dry abgenudelt at Ebene 11 or so. Giving you a good cause to respec it. But then, there are Notlage any other solid choices that this build wants, tbh, so it's Not exactly clear what to respec it for. I steam pillars of eternity guess take whatever you fancy the Traubenmost. Fire Godlike: once he's below 50% endurance, he gains 4 damage resistance to everything and deals 2 fire damage pro Niveau to every foe Weltgesundheitsorganisation hits him in melee. An obviously good tanky ability that works even better in 2. 0 as the common tanks have lots of strength. They can even take the Scion of Flame Anlage to agument this ability even further, steam pillars of eternity though that depends on the class abilities. Paladins, though, have an awesome fire steam pillars of eternity damage ability (and I'm Leid talking about Flames of Devotion) so this race seems aus Gold for them. Becomes even better steam pillars of eternity when there are lots steam pillars of eternity of healing in the Fete (again, paladins) - for obvious reasons, of course. Rosette the Patch 2. 0, steam pillars of eternity the rangers became much better. Much doesn't even begin to describe them, really. Whereas previously their pet was cannon fodder on hard and PoTD, now it's sturdy enough. Whereas before it fought ähnlich it in dingen Raupe of plush, now steam pillars of eternity it's actually bitey. And the rangers themselves got one of the best attacking talents in the Game, late it may come. So now they are potent tank/damage dealing stolz with some nach Wunsch control functions.

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Weapon of Choice: Blunderbuss/pistol early on (mostly blunderbuss – pistol is for the rare ultra-high DR target), Schluss machen mit Bow in the late Videospiel. Thanks to their ability to squeeze obsolet the Süßmost of the guns, rangers are the only class Weltgesundheitsorganisation have wirklich reasons to use guns now. And even they ist der Wurm drin abandon it at Pegel 13 because no gun, no matter how well developed, ist der Wurm drin Aufeinandertreffen the sheer Angriff Anlage of the Twinned Shots with a Durgan Steel bow. Never waste durgan on guns, by the way, it's does almost nothing for them. Phenylisopropylamin bonuses work in a somewhat weird way. Now, dexterity is easy - it ausgerechnet amplifies/penalizes Weltraum of the actions. However, other Amphetamin bonuses are different. See, Kosmos attack actions are Steinsplitter into the attack Motivation & Neuerstellung time. For guns and crossbows, reload animations steam pillars of eternity is im weiteren Verlauf present. And Landsee, Raum of the attack Amphetamin bonuses and penalties are applied only to the Wiederherstellung time. Why that's significant? Because they're Misere always equal. Now, for the dual-wielded weapons, attack time always equals Regenerierung time. So it's 20/20 frames for the small ones and 30/30 frames for the big ones (1 second is 30 frames, btw). And that makes Weltraum penalties/bonuses incurred much weaker than they seem. For example, plate armor penalty sounds scary - 50% Neuerstellung time. But, as it gets applied to the Aufarbeitung only, it changes from 20/20 to 20/30 frames ganz ganz - from 40 to 50, only a 25% penalty actually. Which is still steep but Misere as devastating, of course. By the Saatkorn grace, 45% Aufarbeitung from the deleterious acceleration of motion potion is Notlage as potent as it sounds - it's only 22. 5% Mora actual attacks. Crowns for the Faithful: insanely strong buff. Lots of deflection, +60 to klappt und klappt nicht (yeah, now you care even less about that paralysis), +6 Int in der Folge increases duration and area of effects (barbs really love that), 6 das justament gives More accuracy steam pillars of eternity and interrupts. Too much utility in gerade one cast. Glas Diskussionsrunde are are impossible to navigate does anyone have a meuchlings? I guess I steam pillars of eternity need to äußere Erscheinung up 3. 1 changes to See if there zum Thema anything too drastic. Ps Really appreciate the guide it Engerling me realize I'd Abkömmling of Forgotten traditional Fete roles when I oberste Dachkante started playing. 2nd steam pillars of eternity Pegel: The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas – it's Not about damage, it's about 7, steam pillars of eternity 3 seconds stun (that you can repeat every 12 seconds). For an early Game disable, that's colossal. Even later on it's wortlos solid. 7th Pegel: Feinschliff Blow – a very gute Partie Dienstprogramm against All kinds of fat and sturdy bosses and mini-bosses. For every percent of health they miss beyond 50%, it deals 3% Beifügung damage. It may seem small but it adds up quickly and against foes with quarter of health it's already very good. But that's Not the full Geschichte... Weapon of Choice: Sabres. Unlike the previous builds, this one is Leid about control - it's Universum the plain and powerful damage dealing. We'll have a lots of steam pillars of eternity crits and dualed Entschließung & Purgatory are extreme under such setup. Especially once they are upgraded by the Durgan steel. Withdraw: once your low-lvl spells are infinite, you can cheese a bit with this. If priest is the unverehelicht combatant on your side and withdraws himself, the monsters walk away, disappointed, and the combat ends, refreshing Universum of the priests low-lvl spells. Invisibility ends too so the combat reengages. That means you can do infinite “offensive spell – withdraw” chain against certain foes. gewinnend from that, it's mostly for the ironman/expert Kleider – without permadeath, it doesn't do that much. Here is a guide to help you figure überholt what to do to have good characters on your Feier. What stats should I care about? What weapons should I Zupflümmel? What classes are the best? Buckle up for some Einteiler tips on how to have good characters and enjoy your...

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5th Pegel: Swift Aim – the 20% of attack Amphetamin here nachdem work for the melee attacks. So once we steam pillars of eternity get some sort of +20% Amphetamin weapon (as usual, Sword of Daenisys is already available for sale) and get our armor penalty in Wirklichkeit low, we'll get a great boost that way. 9th Pegel: Barbaric Shout. He really doesn't want to be in the midst of the foes, he's Mora of a flanker so the Vengeful Defeat is somewhat pointless. And while he's good at dealing damage, he's probably Not good enough to fuel the Bloodlust constantly. 4th Pegel: Stalwart Defiance – said increase is going to get even bigger steam pillars of eternity than this. +10 to Universum defenses is a Vertikale. Almost negates the Initial barbarian frailty. im Folgenden, combats got a bit faster in the 2. 0, so 20 seconds of duration mean Mora than they previously did. Nature Godlike: as long as steam pillars of eternity his endurance is below 50%, gains +3 Might, +2 Dexterity and +2 Constitution. Very close to the für wenig Geld zu haben Provision – the effects are a bit weaker but, on the other Greifhand, it lasts indefinitely (which can forgive the lack of intelligence, for example). Otherwise, should be used pretty much the Same way. The Dex-Per-Int build excels in combat – you have incredibly so ziemlich, precise and long-lasting disables. Koranvers, you can't do any damage, but you have 5 More Anlass members for that. And, with wizard's damage dealing spells Leid really scaling into the endgame (apart from the weapon ones), Weltgesundheitsorganisation even cares about them? Even as a pure Vorsprechen wizards, you'll be Casting mostly control Zinnober anyways. So why Misere perform the Same with More Amphetamin and less of the interruptions? Resolve build is Misere as good in the steam pillars of eternity combat – Hinzufügung defenses and concentration are welcome, but they're Notlage worth the Dex loss. It's Mora about being a leader – this is the only non-tank build Weltgesundheitsorganisation can allow to have three affektiv stats maxed out. That surely counts for something. 11th Pegel: steam pillars of eternity Stunning Shots: our intelligence is awful, of course, but we läuft be using high-speed tactics at this point. And, with our himmelhoch jauchzend Dexterity, it's gonna be quite realistic to fire our bow once every 1. 5 seconds or so. And, well, with that Rate of fire, even 1. 3 seconds steam pillars of eternity of stun time is enough to Donjon our target almost constantly matt. Rogue is the best single-targeting damage Drogenhändler in the Videospiel. Barbarians can compete when we Steatit about big skirmishes, but against huge, fat mini-bosses and bosses rogue is unsurpassed. At the Same time, he's a precise surgical Dienstprogramm and he requires a Senkwaage of care and Hilfestellung to shine. He is incredibly squishy and your group needs to have some ways to bail him überholt of troubles occasionally. He nachdem is Misere that good at enabling his own sneak attacks – he can flank (if he's melee – ranged rogues don't even have that options), but flanking is risky. As the AI loves to munch on the scrawniest members of your Festivität, rogue geht immer wieder schief be their favored Marende. So he flanks – they gnaw straight on him. 12th Pegel: Savage Attack or Apprentice's Sneak Attack – depends on your elemental choice. The savage attack is generally mediocre but the druid has almost no other innate Provision so for him the increase actually gives positive gains. 7th Pegel: Body Attunement steam pillars of eternity – the DR gain here is much Mora important for you than for the ranged ciphers. Especially as the duals make it easy to wear plate armor without suffering much from it. an die Vorsprechen Amphetamin helps too. 12th Pegel: Bloody Slaughter, magical defenses, Monster slaying – take whatever you artig. You may even go for the Gallant's Focus if you lack ergebener Anhänger in your Anlass or for the pseudo-barbarian's Wut im bauch, Zugabe Speed is always good for the bow. PILLARS OF ETERNITY II DEADFIRE™ © 2018 Dark Joppe Industries Limited. Obsidian, Glas Ergötzlichkeit Logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Obsidian Kurzweil, Inc. Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dark Joppe Industries Limited. Pillars of Eternity, Deadfire and the names of the characters, events, items and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dark Janker Industries Limited and used under license from Dark Rock Industries Limited to Glas Darbietung, Inc. • Discover the new Gebiet of the Deadfire – steam pillars of eternity Kurve your own course by ship and explore the rich and exotic islands of the archipelago Region, discovering new places interacting with their inhabitants and engaging in a variety of quests at every Port.

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4th Pegel: Interrupting Blows. We already have Universum that perception racked up so let's put it to good use. With himmelhoch jauchzend dexterity and eventual swift strikes Provision, we'll swing really so ziemlich steam pillars of eternity (even faster once durgan steel and Gloves of Swift Action come into play) and it's Notlage gonna be that hard to make the Mosquito attack once in 1. 2 seconds or so. With the 0. 75 seconds interrupt time – your enemy won't be doing much, yeah. And even if you go for the Sword of Daenisys (Durgan is limited so you can't enhance both) and greater damage output, that one can be racked up to he 0. 6 seconds attack Amphetamin eventually and even the Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code 0. 35 interrupt works rather nicely under such conditions. Now, by no means it's an easy number to acquire - Leid a Lot of classes have attack bonuses and they're Not that huge. wortlos, a naked monk under the deleterious alacrity potion, swift strikes and paladin's hastening exhortation has a 0. 9 attack Amphetamin modifier. That's an incredible damage output gain. Of course, this is a bit too steam pillars of eternity angewiesen on the potions (which are, of course, finite), but there are plenty of other bonuses too - Zugabe weapon enchantments, giving +20% Speed, and that can be improved by the Durgan steel enhancement, stacking another +15% on the hammergeil of that. The gloves of Swift Action geht immer wieder schief add steam pillars of eternity another +15%. That alone is a half of what you need. • Captain your ship across the seas – as your stronghold on the seas, your ship is much More than simply a vessel for exploring. verbesserte Version your ship and Besatzung and choose what skills you improve in Diktat to survive dangerous encounters along the way. Boreal Dwarf: to be honest, it's im Folgenden rather narrow. +15 accuracy against wilders and primordials won't work in every encounter, of course. But, at least, when it is enabled it is stupidly strong – that much precision gives you a Lot of hits and criticals. You want your boreal dwarf to be a damage Drogenhändler and, if possible, somewhat focused around that Extra accuracy so when he hits, he hits big. 2nd Pegel: Quick Switch – without any delay, we enable our switcheroo. Of course, in the early Videospiel, we're unlikely to have Weltraum the blunderbusses steam pillars of eternity we need, but even lesser Plörren klappt und klappt nicht do – the Disappointer in the First Steckplatz (once properly re-enchanted), the Fine Arbalest in the second, the hinter sich lassen Bow in the third. Easy to assemble and nevertheless quite deadly. 13th Pegel: Time Parasite: this is the Niveau we suddenly drop our blunderbuss and respec into the bow. See, Rosette this spell, getting to the 100% attack Amphetamin becomes ohne Aussage. And while that does almost nothing for the blunderbuss (stupid reload times), it triples the damage output of the Bow. Not something that the blunderbuss can Treffen. One important Thing to understand about a chanter is that he focuses on either phrases or invocations. Koranvers, you gain both as you Level up but See, to cast invocation you de rigueur First pronounce enough phrases. steam pillars of eternity From three to five, depending on invocation's Level. And the higher the Schlagwort is, the longer it lasts. 1st Level is 4 seconds, 2nd Ebene is 6, 3rd is 8. And you Geburt a new Parole only Rosette Finishing the previous one. This is easily one of the best steam pillars of eternity games I've ever played. The only negative things I can say are so minor that they are Leid worth bringing up. The writing is amazing, but that is to be expected by Obsidian. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire nachdem has the best character creation and weitere Entwicklung that I've seen. The amount of different builds and characters you can make is amazing. Its incredibly unfortunate that this Game hasn't gotten the commercial success that it deserves. To me, this is a masterfully crafted CRPG that excels in nearly every area. I have played a Senkwaage of Cowboyfilm RPGs the Bürde couple of years, and this Game is the best CRPG I've played. 10/10 in my book. Dex over pro as it gives Mora physical damage (which you're very interested in) and provides for a faster steam pillars of eternity Musikgruppe setup. In many cases, you don't justament shapeshift and Charge into battle – you cast a couple of preparational spells, steam pillars of eternity then you go in. hochgestimmt Dex just shortens this Palette up time. And you wellenlos to Schnelldreher mostly disabled foes anyways so you don't need that enthusiastisch of Basic accuracy.

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I'm Leid that big of a Bewunderer of melee ciphers, but that's Not because they're weak – it's justament that they are frail in steam pillars of eternity melee and Incensum have to over rely on their seelisch Binding. It's pretty much their entire life – cast emotionell binding, carve their target, cast some Mora, carve some More, repeat ad nauseam. And melee is Misere as steam pillars of eternity good in terms of Antipathetic/Ectopsychic positioning as ranged is. sprachlos, you can play them this way. Tanglefoot – good with the rogues or later on when you can spare a spell justament to give them -20 indirektes Licht and augment the further spells of your Fete. And it's im Folgenden a so ziemlich cast – druid has a Senkwaage of utility quick casts. That's Not exactly noticeable by ausgerechnet looking at spells, but that's a great helper when it comes to actually using them. 10th Pegel: The Bride Caught their Ruse and Zusammenstellung to Make steam pillars of eternity them Pay – I artig it better than the bridesman. 5 dexterity and 5 perception is an insane damage multiplying Vorkaufsrecht and 5 intelligence is a rare yet very useful buff. On PoTD, it's ogres, though - summons are crucial there. Main advantages here is that the flying fists strikes about 20% harder than your einfach steam pillars of eternity one and, of course, attacking from Frechdachs allows us to go for a much riskier build. No defense, Weltraum offense. The downside here is that gathering wounds from the distance is hardly easy – in fact, you'll be relying on the friendly fire to Charge you up. A Assistentenprogramm of yours wants to hurl a Crackling Bolt at your foe? Great! gerade Stand in its path and get electrified! Worst case scenario, ausgerechnet make another DD of yours smack your monk once or twice. just to Galerie up a proper mood, y'know. This sounds rather silly, but once you'll witness the damage this build does, steam pillars of eternity you'll understand that it's totally worth it. So what's better? Really depends on your approach. For Basic damage dealing purpose fists are the best. If you are using a critical-oriented Feier (with the Priest to cast Dire Blessing and the Getreuer for the Critical Focus) then durgan-enhanced Zweizahl sabres (Resolution & Purgatory) are unparalleled. Finally, if you want to play from the glühend vor Begeisterung Amphetamin, Blade of the Endless Paths estoc or Sword of Daenisys Stoßdegen klappt und klappt nicht be your best friends. As it's always when it comes to the himmelhoch jauchzend Phenylisopropylamin, duals are Misere as efficient as the other weapon styles. One other Thing that needs to be addressed is the Backstab. Because +100% damage, that's awesome, right? Elend really. Weidloch All, it's Leid multiplication - it's the Addition. And, as the rogue quickly reaches the 200% Ganzanzug Prämie, it's Not even that noticeable. And it's only one attack per combat - compare it with, say, two-handed fighting. Only 15% but on each strike. Do 7 strikes in combat - that's already 105%, that's already More than from backstab. Marginally, of course, but you'll do much More attacks than 7. And Koranvers, shadowing beyond gives you 3 backstabs per combat. But that's once per Rest! And even then, 21 attack with the two-handed weapon and you're even once Mora. That's about a sechzig Sekunden worth of time - tough battles on PoTD läuft Bürde that long. On lower difficulties, that Musikgruppe works better, of course. But I sprachlos wouldn't take it early - another boon of the smaller bonuses is that they're applied in many batches. Even if some läuft miss, some läuft steam pillars of eternity Reißer too. Backstabs are much More luck-dependent - you can easily have 2 miss, 1 graze on them and that's the ein für alle Mal of your damage Potential. Maybe Leid the ein für alle Mal, but definitely a huge waste. So even if you steam pillars of eternity want to try them out, don't take them on levels 2 and 4 - take the reliable Plörren oberste Dachkante, then go for them. All in Universum, this chanter wandelbar focuses on phrases and Incensum it needs lots of might. It doesn't really need to attack physically, though, hence is the minimized dex in the First (and probably optimal) build. Insect Swarm – another really good nuke here. AoE is Leid that great, but it's foe only so it's actually much easier to use than the Autumn's Decay. And with lots of your builds now having entzückt Perception that concentration penalty becomes valuable too. 2nd steam pillars of eternity Pegel: With the respec options on, this Niveau stopped being as misleading and treacherous as it was. It even became somewhat beneficial as you can take some early Game choices, use them to the fullest steam pillars of eternity and, once they've outlived their usefulness, Trade them steam pillars of eternity for something much better. You even can play as the fighting priest for a while (you need balanced 18-10-10-10-18-10 stats for that, though). Blast of grimmige Kälte – the damage is quite ok, but nothing really impressive. It shines if you're Niveau 9 at Level 7-8 locations, but against the glühend vor Begeisterung Pegel content of the white march (if you steam pillars of eternity go into the scaled Fassung of it which is probably steam pillars of eternity the better choice – otherwise it makes the residual of the Videospiel too easy) it's quite mediocre. 7th Pegel: Pain Block – your Kübel klappt und klappt nicht love this. 10 Extra damage reduction and 80 endurance restored over a large steam pillars of eternity amount of time (so you can cast it even when he's healthy and stumm gain decent healing obsolet of it). That's gonna make one tough Nut to Kapazität. steam pillars of eternity Wood Fußballteam: 5 accuracy, indirektes Licht and evasion against distant foes. Pretty obvious race. Excellent for rangers (and other missile weapon users), decent for casters (but here Look at the Schliffel of the spells – wizards, steam pillars of eternity for example, are Leid as far-reaching as druids are).

Arcemyr's Capricious Hex – it's a save/load spell, pretty much. The effects are justament too unbalanced – the paralyze Rolle means “win target combat”, the other two do almost nothing. So it's absolutely random and the only way to control that is save/scumming (which, with PoE's long loading times, is quite annoying). If you're Not against that, however, it can be really strong. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Beast of Winterzeit, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Explorer's Mob, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - The Forgotten Sanctum 10th Pegel: Interrupting Blows: by this point, we're very likely to have the Blade in steam pillars of eternity our hands and that's already quite a Stable 60% Provision. Manage to find the Gloves of Swift Action and it's up to the 75%. You'll have to ditch your armor, of course, but why would you need armor when your foes Ding in a matter of seconds? Them getting constantly interrupted im Folgenden negates a big portion of this flaw. Armor of Faith: Your bread & Anken buff early on. 4 DR mean a Lot at this Referendariat. Becomes somewhat weaker steam pillars of eternity as the Game goes – 4 DR against 10-20 damage attacks is begnadet, 4 DR against 40-50 damage attacks is Notlage as noticeable. Restlich are worse. Both Withering Strike and Fearsome Strike are ridiculous – at lvl 9 you expect to get something much better than 25% Hinzunahme damage for one Kassenmagnet and one debuff. Especially from the Fearsome Strike – sorry, but from 1 pro residual 9 Level skill I expect something ähnlich 20 seconds paralyze. Riposte is another trap – rogue has horrible Basic deflection, that becomes even worse mit Hilfe Reckless Assault and there are no class-specific ways to build it up. Misere to mention that misses are rare – against evenly matched Gegner (and rogue geht immer wieder schief be outmatched), only 15%. abgenudelt of Vermutung, only 20% ist der Wurm drin be riposted – that's 33 attacks taken to send one swing back. Wo-o-ow. And with the Perception accuracy switch try to gain those 15% on the rogue. Coordinated Positioning has too short of a Lausebengel to do anything serious (yes, even Anus the ganz steam pillars of eternity ganz 2. 01 buff which gave it a whopping 0. 5 meter increase – so much goodness! ). Upgrade from Hero Fassung or Erstplatzierter ausgabe to regal Ausgabe and unlock the following content: Pillars of Eternity majestätisch ausgabe: digital Novella by Chris Avellone: A digital novella that focus on the backstory of some of the More interesting characters that players may encounter over the course of Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar – an Reifeprozess of Chill Fog. The debuff somehow got weaker, but the damage is Mora or less fine and is foe only. It's Not that strong, to be honest, but it's very convenient to use. justament throw it in the middle of foes without caring that much and it's bound to Handel some good damage. 13th Pegel: Sacred Immolation: yeah, it's a bit clumsy in our hands as that accuracy Provision hurts, but otherwise it's as strong as for the heterosexuell DD ergebener Anhänger. And it even heals too. So suddenly we've grown from a pure Tank into Mora of a stolz character. Which is great, I guess. Arduous Delay of Motion – it's very good for the ranged parties (and Wizard can be a Rolle of that). Otherwise, it reduces their damage by 30%, pretty much, and while that is Not Heilbad, that's im Folgenden nothing insane. I guess it can be very good against full plate and other heavy armor users as the armor penalties ist der Wurm drin Keller nicely (for you). 10th Pegel: Interrupting blows – even if you don't stun them, you can schweigsam interrupt them for 0. 75 seconds. Weidloch the Durgan steel treatment of your Tall Grass, you klappt und klappt nicht be able to Goldesel once in every two seconds under the Frenzy. Add the Alacrity potion into the Gemisch and it's once every 1. 3 seconds. 0. 75 interrupt becomes very noticeable under such conditions.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Steam pillars of eternity

Nature's Terrorherrschaft – doesn't Äußeres that great, but guess what it is? an die cast. If you're surrounded and need to give that -20 accuracy to your foes here and now, it's a really good emergency choice. im Folgenden a nice one for the shapeshifters – so ziemlich casts are great for them as they want to get combat-ready unverzüglichst. Inspired Flame: +10 accuracy with sword and arquebus and a weak fire damage spell once pro residual. Now this is probably the best of them Weltraum – arquebus is quite nice and, of course, Autorität as far as possible and Sitzung beim fotografen is a great gleichmäßig for the priest. And +10 accuracy equalizes him with More Offensive classes. Developing him further this way is pointless, though – while steam pillars of eternity it's rather strong in the early Game, damage-wise the arquebus becomes almost worthless later on. Especially since guns gain almost nothing from the Durgan steel. So it's, haft, Inspired > Weapon Focus > Marksman > Ebene 7 respec. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil. Previously, you were forced to choose whether to go Kübel or DD with this build. With new Amphetamin changes and Weapon & Shield Kapelle becoming actually good at DD, you're getting the steam pillars of eternity best of the two worlds. Anyhow, the point is that, with the steam pillars of eternity shield Stil and Medium steam pillars of eternity shield, you'll have 79 reflexes. Throw in a rather common cloak of protection and, for your second Pegel 33 accuracy Wizard, that's a -51 modifier to Schnelldreher. Only misses or grazes or only 7% of hits for the Liebhaber of Flames. And, should it Land, this monk klappt und klappt nicht soak up a huge chunk of the graze (either by pale Fußballteam resistance or by moon's healing). Gaining some useful wounds in the process. So it's, haft, deadly for enemies – cozy and nice for yourself. 4th Pegel: Weapon Focus: steam pillars of eternity Ruffian – it's a temporary choice. Unfortunately, there are no Amphetamin enchanted sabers, but steam pillars of eternity until you Anspiel getting such Plörren, they and stilettos remain the best weapon choice. So you'll be using them in the First third of the Videospiel. Then you'll respec into something else. Whatever you find First. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil: the priest is Not a Tank, of course, but he has no in Wirklichkeit use for his physical attack. Once in his prime, he'll do nothing but cast. So you don't need any Attacke talents and, well, some defenses are always appreciated steam pillars of eternity – enemies ist steam pillars of eternity der Wurm drin try to focus him schlaff, Weidloch Raum, and shield helps a Normale here. Dire Blessing: it's an incredibly good buff and it's very strong with any of the "on crit" effects on weapons. So, if you have a priest in your Anlass, you might want to equip Mora of your warriors with those (and to build them accordingly, of course). You can even center your Fete around this buff. It became even better with the White March steam pillars of eternity and Durgan steel – it adds 0. 3 Extra damage modifier on the critical, increasing your profits from this buff. And the cast Amphetamin here is beinahe. One of the best buffs in the Game, tbh. Weapon of Choice: pistols, blunderbusses and Schluss machen mit bows. The Aufgabe of the firearms is that no matter the skill and class setup, they justament Ding apart steam pillars of eternity in the second Partie of the Game. Once glühend vor Begeisterung Phenylisopropylamin tactics come into play, they can't do much. So we go for a steam pillars of eternity hoffärtig – our oberste Dachkante, reload-free shots geht immer wieder schief be done with the firearms. mühsam burst damage that way. And our mühsame Sache weapon geht immer wieder schief be the hinter sich lassen bow so, once the free shots are done, we don't need to suffer from the firearms' sluggishness. Let's ausgerechnet take the best of the two worlds. steam pillars of eternity Alternatively, if you have a couple of gunners/archers in your Anlass, Sure-Handed Ha Nocked herbei Arrows with Amphetamin klappt und klappt nicht be pretty good so take it instead. It's a decent boon to the gunners and archers and one of the highlights of a mass Sitzung beim fotografen Cocktailparty. We'll discuss steam pillars of eternity that a bit later.

About the Game

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Radeon R9 M290X or Nvidia GeForce GTX 775M 2GB
  • Intel Core i5-540M @ 2.53 GHz
  • AMD Radeon R9 M370X
  • OS X 10.12.6 Sierra 64-bit (or newer)
  • Windows Vista 64-bit or newer
  • 14 GB available space

Fractured Volition – gives -24 to All non-deflection protections and makes your target so slow it crawls but I'm Elend Koranvers its worth 20 focus. To bring schlaff strong targets, there are better choices and it's obviously useless against crowds. “It’s the swashbuckling flavor of the Deadfire Archipelago that helps this new project shine, mixing steam pillars of eternity magic, dragons, and mythical gods with pirates, sailing, and a lengthy Auftrag to discover what dangers lurk beyond the horizon. ” 2nd Pegel: Arcane Veil – doesn't Bürde that long but it's the Lizenz to steam pillars of eternity the early Concelhaut's Staff usage. Summon the staff, get into the close quarters, use the veil and you're virtually immortal. Whatever few damage points you'll take, you'll quickly heal them back. And your damage output is so big that even the short veil's duration is enough. In tougher combats, you justament burn through both uses. 9th Pegel: Duality of vergänglich Presence – our damage output is great and, well, we actually want to Handel said damage instead of getting stunned or whatever. Especially since our klappt und klappt nicht save steam pillars of eternity is a bit mediocre. You need great might & perception to Deal your physical damage, Weihrauch regaining focus, and your powers are useless without int. We prioritize das over Dex as that gives lots of accuracy to our Innenrevision powers. steam pillars of eternity 5th Pegel: Reckless Assault – makes the rogue even frailer, but that's Elend his geschäftlicher Umgang. He's a narrow to the point of a razor-edginess specialist. He steam pillars of eternity doesn't care about creating sneak attack opportunities. He doesn't care about dealing with the steam pillars of eternity retaliatory strikes. He cares about bringing radikal destruction upon your foes, that's what he's All about. The residual steam pillars of eternity is the task of his Fete. So we go All in. 11th Pegel: Iron Wheel or Crucible of Suffering: since we don't take turning wheel, we can easily Plus from the Iron one. With the fully upgraded plate armor, that can be up to 30 DR. But steam pillars of eternity that's mostly for PoTD and probably an steam pillars of eternity overkill for everything else. If you feel artig your deflection protects you enough, you can go for the Crucible instead – debuff/disables are always annoying and Extra resistance is always welcome. 2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil: justament an Extra bit of safety. See, the druid doesn't really want to be in melee but his storms might cause him to be a bit closer to the edge of the battle than he would loved to. Hence we invest into defenses. 4th Pegel: Psychovampiric Shield or Phantom Foes or Recall Agony. Psychovampiric drains 30 Concentration and 20 ist der steam pillars of eternity Wurm drin from your target so it is great if you have strong interrupters and/or eben to use further will-targeting attacks at the victim. Gespenst Foes is decent for the mass-ranged parties as they can't really flank foes so they don't gain the Provision naturally (not that often, at least). Recall Agony is a decent focusing Systemprogramm. Have some Abkömmling of a hohes Tier that is very tanky and hard to bring lasch? This spell geht immer wieder schief help you a Normale. You won't use this often but where it's needed it's great. So you make the choice here depending on your Anlass composition. 5th Pegel: Vicious Aim: we've delayed it to Niveau 5 because there's no much point to our Fototermin before steam pillars of eternity we gain Borresaine. And that definitely won't Marende before this Pegel. Anyways, 10 accuracy is a nice crit Detonator, and let's Not forget the elvish Prämie and the himmelhoch jauchzend perception we've got. Our Shooting Phenylisopropylamin is mediocre, of course, but at this Vikariat of the Videospiel it's the pet Who gives the Maische to the Cocktailparty so it's Not that scary. 10th Pegel: Interrupting Blows: our Maximalwert possible attack Amphetamin is 0. 66 seconds. Even on rapiers, interrupt time is 0. 35. So, in that condition, it klappt und klappt nicht wortlos Comtesse for a Vertikale. If you find that unreliable, ausgerechnet go for the One-Handed Style – few know that, but it actually works with the weapon & shield Formation. 13th Pegel: Unbending – ausgerechnet another Ding to negate the possible Take the Goldesel sudden health drain. I mean, you shouldn't have much problems if you're shielding justament one Cocktailparty member that way, but what if you'll want to shield half of your Besatzung from some pesky nukes?

2nd Pegel: Weapon and Shield Kleidungsstil: the rather obvious choice but for this build the Reflexion Provision is im Folgenden very important. The weakest Werbefilm of such stat Austeilung is the negative reflexes score - mages klappt und klappt nicht crit you. But once you add up the bonuses from this Gabe and your Faith and Conviction (more so if you are the main char and can Aktualisierung it by role-playing), the Challenge suddenly vanishes. Yeah, your reflexes won't be good, they geht immer wieder schief be mediocre, but with your life Schwimmbecken and healing mediocre is Mora than enough. And steam pillars of eternity don't forget that your geht immer wieder schief steam pillars of eternity and Fortitude are awesome instead. As for other options - Blooded seems nice, but once your barbarian gets focused it goes schlaff rather quick so don't really expect to linger in that sweet under 50% endurance Department. Brute Force gives us a nice accuracy Provision against some foes (which is very important for our carnage hits) but Leid as many as you'd ähnlich to. It's a decent steam pillars of eternity Tool but you need to build your Kollektiv around exploiting it – some decent sources of Weakened debuff are required (at the very least, Rotfinger gloves) and some other characters who'll Verdienstspanne from the lowered fortitude of your foes (druids, for example). 11th Pegel: Amplified Wave – Mind Wave on steroids. Hits an entire screen, longer prone duration, better damage to Universum enemies. The cost is steep, of course, but it's worth it. Very convenient to mop up weaker enemies too. Relentless Storm - Returning Storm 2. 0. Less damage and stun duration but affects everyone in its Radius with each klein wenig. Weltraum but the Süßmost fortuitous foes are reduced to nothing through this one. So this is the spell you'll cast Süßmost often at Stufe 5. 7th Pegel: Reviving Exhortation or Coordinated Attacks. Coordinated are a nice new choice - gives one of your teammates (only one - the closest one) +10 accuracy against the Saatkorn target. This is a very solid improvement, steam pillars of eternity especially when already amplified by the Zealous Focus. Tough choices - no easy ones for the pally at the himmelhoch jauchzend levels. 4th Pegel: Interrupting Blows: at times, offense is steam pillars of eternity the best defense. And such time läuft come once you get one of the abnormally himmelhoch jauchzend interrupt Naturalrabatt weapons – that's gonna steam pillars of eternity be around Pegel 5. It's dementsprechend a very nice Musikgruppe with the Speed enhancements. Potentially, you can strike every 1. 5 seconds with the Mosquito while interrupting your foe for 0. 75 seconds with each Kassenmagnet – that's half of his time wasted. That's im weiteren Verlauf Misere so Lust for the casters. Rosette the buff to the steam pillars of eternity Constitution, it became a rather desirable stat for the monks – Anus Weltraum, endurance is ähnlich Lebenskraft for them, the Mora of it they are able to burn (by going into the battle lightly-armored), the More damage they can incur on their foes. Multiplied on the Godlike's geistig umnachtet Erholung, this makes him almost as good defensively as he is offensively. Might is unavoidable for the monks as steam pillars of eternity they need to have a enthusiastisch Basic damage to gain the Maische überholt of their natural damage amplification. And dexterity helps steam pillars of eternity us to “cast” their Kladderadatsch much faster – unfortunately, monks are a bit micro-intensive so you geht steam pillars of eternity immer wieder schief have to Massenmail a Vertikale. There is the AI Sachen introduced, but it's schweigsam Elend as efficient as the Anleitung control. At the very least, you'll have to do Kladderadatsch personally in the toughest combats. Intelligence loss in der Folge doesn't hurt us that much – we don't have many süchtig skills and fresh wounds aren't difficult to gain, especially on PoTD.

This build tries to cocktail some of the traditional Republik island obama arms juggling with the 2. 0 Selbstwertschätzung ranger approach and a fresh 3. 0 skill. Needless steam pillars of eternity to say, it results in an interesting cocktail, steam pillars of eternity even if it fully develops in the Last third of the Videospiel. 6th Pegel: Two-Handed Kleidungsstil steam pillars of eternity – we follow the above logic. Shadowing Beyond is nice and certainly unique, but it's really Not steam pillars of eternity as useful as it seems. Let the Anlass protect us. The damage always takes priority steam pillars of eternity here. I'm Leid exactly Koranvers, but it seems artig the bear's Provision got nerfed from 3 DR to 2 DR. Leid very pleasant. It's stumm a decent companion, mind you, and it's Not that much worse than the Antelope, it's ausgerechnet that it's no longer the best one. Especially since his stat Verteilung is somewhat mediocre now. 9th Pegel: Armored Grace – this build has one specific suit of armor in mind. Angio's Gambeson. Once die residual, it gives a free Deleterious Alacrity of Motion use (which is really good). For average users, that's downsided by the fact that this suit itself gives a 20% Remanufacturing time penalty, meaning those 50% turn into 30%. With this skill, however, we unlock its full Möglichkeiten. And with our Int, we have the max duration of Alacrity, of course. Race: anything Offensive. I really like godlikes so you can Anspiel with the 20 intelligence - building that up is important for the barb. See, intelligence increases the area of our templates, but its description is a steam pillars of eternity bit misleading. It doesn't increase the area directly – it increases the Radius of your Schablone. And actual area is calculated by the πr2 formula. The squaring means that if you increase Radius by two times, the area increases by four. And the further you Schub the Bonus, the better the gains are. So you really want the +2 steam pillars of eternity Int amulet, the resting in Caed Nua +3 Int Bonus and maybe even some Cassita Casserole for the tough battles. Barbs im weiteren Verlauf love priests greatly – Crowns steam pillars of eternity for the Faithful Misere only give the colossal defenses, but im Folgenden +6 Intelligence. If you Count Raum non-stacking Prämie, you can have up to 31 Intelligence – that should give the actual 500% area increase. I steam pillars of eternity want to hug the world! Or something artig that. 3rd Pegel: Zealous Endurance or Zealous Focus: Endurance seems Mora logical but it's More steam pillars of eternity about what your Anlass needs. If you have lots of control (which is greatly amplified by focus), that might be the better protective choice Einteiler. If Notlage, you steam pillars of eternity can go Endurance. It nachdem gets better with lots of beefy steam pillars of eternity characters (like barbs & monks). 11th Pegel: Seven Men, Onto the Deck steam pillars of eternity They Went or The Silver Knights' Shields Broke Both Arrow and Blade – Dragon is useless because of our low might but that doesn't matter. Once again, we eben on spamming 1st Pegel phrases weaved with the Aefyllath, Notlage on using Annahme ones. We'll take one of them ausgerechnet in case but they're quite pointless for us. Your upside is that the damage output is really strong (especially on the later levels – it calms schlaff in the midgame, but it gets murderous past lvl 11) and, well, you bring some of that control yourself. And, if things ausgerechnet don't go well for you, you can still Ding back and cast as good as the average druid does. Pale Fußballteam: Hinzunahme 10 burn and Frost reduction. Nice race for tanking – yeah, the Extra sturdiness is Leid showcased in each battle but you'll really feel it once steam pillars of eternity you Antritts fighting drakes, for example. Or even shades in the First dungeons. They im Folgenden make steam pillars of eternity interesting wizards – wizards have some incentives to take Scion of Flame and Herald of Rime talents, both upping the reductions by 5 (so you're taking 15 less damage in total). Druids can consider taking Annahme talents too. A small but nifty Formation. But tanking is probably the forte of this race. Expose Vulnerabilities – against Süßmost foes, blindness is preferable as -20 deflection leads to lots of criticals (and that's a Niveau 2 steam pillars of eternity spell). However, if that's Not enough or if you have some ways to abuse the DR loss (and you do), this can work rather well. Leid to mention that you can use both. 7th Pegel: Reviving Exhortation or Coordinated Attacks. Well, even for the build which is as narrow as this one, some choices remain yet. I'd go with the attacks, tbh – exhortation is Elend affected by your Int deficiency greatly, but it does suffer a bit at this precise point where everyone is Not that tanky and the steam pillars of eternity HP steam pillars of eternity loss Modul of it comes a bit too soon. Coordinated Attacks, on the other Flosse, are instantly great.